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Do you require RSVPs to events

14 years 6 months ago #150918 by mum24kids
One more thing to add--if you ask for RSVPs on an event that is free, you can usually count on a very high percentage of no-shows. Our movie nights, which we run 4 times a year, have a no-show rate of 20-25%. The no-show rate on functions where people have to pay something is much lower.
14 years 6 months ago #150897 by dlf
We usually put a place on the flier that says "The __________ Family is attending with _______ people.

Then we ask them to return the flier for planning purposes. It usually works out just fine but we are flexible and NO ONE EVER gets turned away (unless it is specifically a limited, first come, first registered event). Folks are very good about returning the fliers and usually there is at least a better guesstimate of how many folks are attending.

I'd suggest if you do this you come up with a front office "system". Ours is simple. We put a manilla envelope at the assistants desk who processes the daily room papers and we place a flier on the envelope for the event. They simply put the fliers in the envelope. If it is a situation where we can only accomodate a certain number (usually for safety or fire code purposes) we ask the front ladies to put a sticker on the batch from that day and paperclip them together when they put them in the folder. Yet another reason to treat the front office like they are your very best friends. That relationship is VERY important and should be cultivated whenever possible.

14 years 6 months ago #150891 by Jewel
Replied by Jewel on topic Re:Do you require RSVPs to events
These days, RSVP's infrequently work even with personal invitations in one's own social circle. I can't imagine you'd get any kind of useful number for planning purposes by asking such a large, diverse school community for RSVP's. Whether through thoughtlessness or ignorance as to their purpose, people increasingly don't RSVP to invitations -- it's the bain of brides and birthday party planners everywhere.

As an alternative, your PTO could have parents complete a form in order to get tickets to your event.

Of course, be sure to promote the event and give families the forms several weeks in advance. You'd need to make it very clear that only families with tickets will be allowed admission, no exception.
14 years 6 months ago #150890 by ddw
Replied by ddw on topic Re:Do you require RSVPs to events
We require RSVP only because we are a big schol and if all student were to particpate there is no way we could ha ndle that, and if we order based on all, then we may have way to much overage of things like food, trinkets, etc. We do require RSVP's for safety purposes too, to make sure our space is large enough for events. We have them send back a slip to our PTA mailbox, or email us.
14 years 6 months ago #150889 by Rockne
Hi Sue -

We don't do RSVPs, and we just kind of wing it on food and supplies. Has worked for us but there are certainly moments of uncertainty.

If you are going to do some type of RSVP, I'd recommend something more casual like:

"To help us with planning, would you mind sending a quick note if you are coming or might come and how many are coming?"

As opposed to an "RSVP required".

You won't get an exact count that way (and some folks will come who didn't reply and some who replied yes won't show), but it should tell you if you're talking about around 20 or around 100 or around 300.


PTO Today Founder
14 years 6 months ago #150888 by Griffinsmum
Do you require RSVPs to events was created by Griffinsmum
Hi y'all-
We have a family event coming up - first one I have been involved in. In the past our group has not required RSVPs but I would like to do this. So ?s

Does your group do RSVPs for events?
Do people respond? How?

If no RSVPs then how do you know how drink/food to have??

Thanks for helping out a newbie!
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