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Ideas for Grandparents Day [reposted]

12 years 10 months ago #157968 by EnfieldPTOMom
We celebrate Grandparent's Day during the week of our Scholastic Book Fair! Works out great for the kids and profits for the PTO. Children are able to have lunch with their Guest! We have a preorder form for Hot lunch for that day or the Guests may bring in a meal(s) to share with their children. We decorate w/ balloons and artwork created by the children. All around a great day!
12 years 10 months ago #157967 by parent73
You could do a special Lunch Day with them! You'd have to work with the district's Nutrition Services (or what have you) and the front office to make room for extra, non-student sized bodies in the cafeteria, but it could be really fun! Maybe you could have a picnic outside if the weather is good!
12 years 10 months ago #157966 by Aimee Hendrickson
Replied by Aimee Hendrickson on topic Re:Ideas for Grandparents Day [reposted]
Our Kindergarten classes are the only ones who celebrate Grandparents' Day. But, they invite the grandparents to come in and spend the morning in class playing games, doing projects and seeing some of the childrens' work. When my son was in Kindergarten, they made bracelets (beads and pipe cleaners) for the ladies. They also did some of their songs and silly dances. I think they also provided snacks. It's a low-key but very sweet day.
12 years 10 months ago #157965 by Lisa @ PTO Today
Ideas for Grandparents Day [reposted] was created by Lisa @ PTO Today
[reposted for blueeyes0101]
I need some unique ideas for grandparents day! We do daddy and donuts and give out little bags of kisses. Mommy and me muffins and give out carnations. Kinda stuck on this one :)
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