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Ideas? Vendor Registration for Ladies Night?

8 years 4 months ago #168635 by Gator Nanny
Consider changing name to "Wild Women Spa Night" will automatically double audience. Also use Eventbrite to register--- as they pay the fee to register! Believe me it is so worth it. Ask around who is the Best of each business-- then Invite that person to the event. Booth space at $20 is low but if keep at that they should donate a basket or item for silent auction. One of the bigger companies should donate door prizes and or goody bags to first 100. Pay for nothing--- This is an adult event--- to pamper the ladies-- husbands on Eventbrite could donate money to their wives to spend at the event-- can add same time as registering. The tickets are printable. You want them to donate their services to your event---(you will advertise for them) Contact beauticians, nail techs, nutritionist, etc... call local belly dancer, Hot Yoga, Zumba teacher, chair massages, cupcake decorating (close to eating time) Contact large restaurants for appetizers & snack type foods,get liquor license for a night-- start early on this... Go to local restaurant & ask for the wine. give soda or water with ticket but charge a fee for a wine... make them small. Guests should be entertained the whole evening--- 3-4hrs at most. Each Vendor---should be sprinkled in & among the working staff giving services. Food off by it self & set out at certain time & taken away (don't leave out) Dessert & coffee at end of evening. Beautiful Flowers (donated) on main table with first appetizers then at end dessert & coffee.... live auction the flowers---(make sure the florist does not want the vase & pillars back--really important) Note.... have out mini questionaires around venue for input & donation containers at food tables etc... Have fun... Linda
8 years 6 months ago #168414 by amandagarcia0709
We have a "Ladies' Night" coming up in November. Last year was the first year for it. We sold booths for $20, but admission was free. There were people who did wall vinyls and made jewelry, but there were also independent contractors for the "big" companies, too. (Oragami Owl, ItWorks!, Gold Canyon, etc. Etc.) It worked out really well, but the initial registration was a nightmare because we only wanted one vendor from each of those larger companies. (Our space is limited and we had about 5 Origami Owl consultants who wanted a booth.) Last year, we did "first come, first serve" but they had to register in the school office. We did not anticipate the stampede that ensued.

I'm trying to think of a way that's less chaotic for the women who work in the school office (they're great and love helping us out, but I don't want to make more work for them!), but I also want it to be fair.

Ideally, I'd love some kind of (free) online registration, but if wishes were fishes....

My other thought was to have everyone who is interested submit an interest form and then we'd have a drawing (generated online - no playing favorites!) if there were more than one person from a certain company. I also thought about weighting those people who are parents/guardians of students a little more than those outside of the community.

I don't know. I'm stumped. Help?
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