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Favorite Family Event

7 years 3 months ago #171617 by Rose H
Replied by Rose H on topic Favorite Family Event
Hi Amy!

Leaders are posting tons of great ideas in the Facebook group to answer your question! Here's a liknk back to the thread:

Also, here are some of the highlights of ideas:

We hosted a STEM night (science night) that was a HUGE success this year. Several large companies and groups came to show off what their companies make and loss of hands on activities! We also hold movie nights, a father daughter dance, mother son event & ice cream social. – Maggie P.

Two years ago we did a family luau. We had dancing, hula hoop contest, lots and lots of beach balls. It was in our school yard. The kids still talk about it. – Kimberly W.

Library Science Night (yes, it is a science), Movie on the Lawn, Family Fun Night and Internet Safety Night. – Cindy J.

Hands down our winter craft night! We run out of crafts every year! We have about 8 different crafts about 150 of each. Serve hot chocolate and cookies. – Sasha U.

We had our first game night in September and are planning our second in December. We bought a bunch of games and just put them out on tables in the cafeteria. In December we will have holiday cookies and hot chocolate to go with them. All free to families to come out and gather. – Nancy H.

We do 1 free event every month in correlation with Title 1. Our most popular events are: Moving & Grooving Night- we invite local dance and cheer teams to lead our kids in some fun dancing, then we have parents vs kids gym teacher challenges, then there are stations where the families rotate through bowling, balloon basketballs, hula hoops, healthy snacks and dance party. We even have a local DJ who donates their time. Its super fun. – Amber R.

We host a family swim night at the local university. They have 3 pools and we rent them out for 2 hours in the middle of the winter and everyone swims and enjoys. It is no cost to families. We used to do a family skating night at the local roller rink but the rink closed a couple years ago so we switched to the pool party. Both are lots of fun and most families attend. We are a k-4th school. – Heather H.

We do a campout on the lawn. In the evening we play a movie under the stars, everyone camps out in tents and then in the morning we do a pancake breakfast. This is just a family event. We did sell snacks, drinks, hot dogs in the evening for a small profit. So much fun. - Heather S.

Hope this helps!
7 years 3 months ago #171614 by Rose H
Replied by Rose H on topic Favorite Family Event
Great post Amy!

I'm going to share your question on our PTO & PTA Leaders Group on Facebook. Have you join the group? It's easy! Just request and I'll approve... The group is still pretty new but has thousands of members at this point and members are very helpful to each other and love to share tips and ideas.

Here's the link:

Good luck! Rose
7 years 3 months ago #171548 by amyf
Favorite Family Event was created by amyf
I would love to hear about your favorite event that gets families and students involved. I feel we do too much fundraising and would love to just see people having fun. I think it would be a positive and rewarding move for our PTSO. Our best event last year was a father/daughter dance. The community loved it. What's yours?
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