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Parent Night/Involvement

7 years 3 months ago #171762 by KathrynL
Replied by KathrynL on topic Parent Night/Involvement
Hi Ballard -

Last year I attended a parent evening at my son's school and the teachers explained what the kids in each grade were learning in math and then gave ideas for how to reinforce the general concepts at home. It was divided into early elementary and elementary. I found it helpful as math is taught so differently from when I was in school!

Another idea is a Family Tech Talk Night. Internet safety is such an important topic for parents and families. We do have a kit that helps you with all the planning and gives you the powerpoint presentation and talking points, so you don't need to be an expert to present the information. You can get it here:

And for low-cost parent invovlement ideas I'd suggest this article with ideas: I really like the cardboard challenge night. I'm thinking about running it at my school next year and asking a local contractor (or two) if they have big appliance boxes they could donate.

Good luck!
Kathryn (from PTO Today)
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7 years 3 months ago #171758 by Ballard
I am a new staff member to a school that is in an area that is low-income. I am wanting to do a parents night 1x/month, but am needing ideas that are either low cost or no cost to put together (due to funding). Also, I am looking to get parent involvement with my services (Resource Specialist); any suggestions or ideas?

Thank you! :)
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