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Does your school do a Variety/Talent Show?

6 years 1 month ago #172476 by Rose H

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6 years 1 month ago #172451 by AHBPTAPres

Our K-8 school does a Variety Show that is sponsored by the PTA. Though it is a small fundraiser, it is mostly for the enjoyment of the kids and families. The format we have used for the past couple of years is no longer working for us. I am just looking to see if other elementary/middle schools have Variety/Talent shows and how they work.

If your school does a show and you could just take a few minutes and answer the following questions - I would really appreciate it!

1. Is your school's variety/talent show put on by your PTA/PTO or by someone at your school (like a music teacher or drama teacher)?

2. Are there auditions? Are the auditions just a formality and everyone pretty much makes the show or do some kids get cut from the show because of a limited number of spots?

3. Are parents of the show participants asked/required to volunteer and help the night of the show? If not, who helps the night of the show?

4. How long is your show? Is there an intermission?

5. Do you like how your Variety Show/Talent Show works? What changes would you make?

Thank you for taking the time to answer! We are looking for any and all suggestions to help our show run more efficiently while letting as many kids participate as possible.

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