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page two......

19 years 7 months ago #121755 by Michelle B
Replied by Michelle B on topic RE: page two......
I don't do Kool-aid, too much sugar! Just give a nice cosmopolitan in a chilled martini glass and away we go.

Peanut shells on the floor makes it homey. don't you know in this part of the west it's acceptable?
19 years 7 months ago #121754 by backhoed
Replied by backhoed on topic RE: page two......
tiner68- sounds like you could use an Alabama Slammer! coming right up..... this one is on me

Hope you are ok down there. I am sure school is not in session in a lot of areas. DRINK UP! THE ICE IS MELTING WOMAN!

PALS: Good lord, sweep em all up and putem' in a bag and mark it as a "mystery prize" HA HAHAHAHAHA
Mykidsmom and Metzymom: how does that sound? you could photograph the winner opening up the bag? sure to be a priceless photo there eh?
19 years 7 months ago #121753 by tiner68
Replied by tiner68 on topic RE: page two......
All I'm asking is for someone to tell mother nature when Jimmy Buffet says "give me a Hurricane before I go insane!!" He means the drink and to quit sending the real thing to all us folks here in Florida. We really don't want anymore!!! And he comes Ivan the Terrible to give us some more fun!!!! OK, so I'm just a little weird, sue me.(ha,ha,ha)
19 years 7 months ago #121752 by pals
Replied by pals on topic RE: page two......
Backhoed...Im sorry but i was playing with the peanut shells. I was trying to think how we could use them as a kids mom and metzy tried to come up with ideas to use them as carnival prizes.
Big Block party at my school tomorrow...suppose to RAIN (inside block party)UGH UGH UGH UGH...I need a grape knee any

"When you stop learning you stop growing."
19 years 7 months ago #121751 by backhoed
Replied by backhoed on topic RE: page two......
Slide on over and thanks for cleaning up - I still would like to know who had a field day with those peanut shells though.

Hey looking for a donation of jolly ranchers and some sprite? Anyone out there want to donate?

geeze what a day... so glad to take a load off.

Bars Open!!!!
what's your pleasure?

someone want to kick that juke box? put something else on - I am pretty Jimmy Buffettttteeed out!
19 years 7 months ago #121750 by mykidsmom
page two...... was created by mykidsmom
backhoed, I cleaned up some and washed the left over glasses from last night.
We are SO out of jolly ranchers and Sprite! Do we want to bother getting a donation or I have $5!

Metzy thanks for helping last night! I just could not keep my eyes open! My blood sugar was saying "YEAH!!" UGH! my eyes were saying .......
The CD player's still playing Jimmy Buffet. I mean I agree "it's 5:00 somewhere!"
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