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good holiday websites?

18 years 6 months ago #125866 by mum24kids
This site is the absolute favorite in our house: I'm not sure how much is on here before Christmas Eve, but it is supposed to go back up for this year in a few days, so you should check it out.

You can also see a list of a bunch of holiday websites for kids here:

Finally, this is definitely not recommended for a school environment or for younger kids, but Elf Bowling is pretty darn funny (available at The original version (and I think maybe Elf Bowling 2) is the least offensive and free; later versions are more risque and I think you have to pay for them. Some parents may think they're ok for middle school/older kids at home; some may just want to play themselves.....
18 years 6 months ago #125865 by C. Brooks
good holiday websites? was created by C. Brooks
This year we are doing an ink cartridge race. The classroom winner gets to have free computer lab time and a holiday party. I'd like to list some good holiday websites for them to choose from but I have lost most of my favorites. These kids are 5 and 6 graders but I could use these sites for my kids here at home too. We love the holidays!
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