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mother-daughter event ideas??

13 years 11 months ago #127092 by RobinD
cottonwoodptc.. I agree, and disagree with you. I agree that it should not say " mothers"... too many kids live with grandma, aunt or foster moms.. and " mother" may be too exclusive. I disagree that the event should cater to 100% of the population 100% of the time. We have a 500 student school. There is NOWHERE in our building where we could ever accommodate all 500 kids, and their families. We actually split OPen House into 2 nights for this reason. We have NO CHOICE but to do lots of smaller events that target different populations. Most 5th graders do not want to participate in the same kind of event that Kindergartners do... So, we very openly always say " please remember not all events are for all families"!
13 years 11 months ago #127118 by cottonwoodptc
We are a K-5 school with 1,000 students. But, like you said, we often do a double night for such events, and gear towards the appropriate grade levels. But at least everyone has the choice of going.
As for a "mom" only thing, yes in this day and age, families can be of all sorts, including gay couples (not that there's anything wrong with that). So "mother" may be exclusive to some, but I'm positive any school group would be leniant on that anyway. I'm sure they wouldn't turn away a father/daughter combo at the door. And the fact that families vary, is why we do what we do.
And, like you said previously, it's sad that the minority rules on things like this. I wish I didn't have to consider p.c. options... it ruins the true intention of our events, bringing families and schools together.
You can't please everybody..... right?
I mentioned that I would feel on the short-end of a "mother" event... except I would keep it to myself and understand what that group was trying to do. But you'll always have those vocal ones.

To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.
13 years 11 months ago #127128 by RobinD
yes, cottonwoodptc, we would never turn down a male/child combo at a female/child event, or vice versa, as the whole idea is to bring community together. What knocks me down are those few who constantly criticize and complain, and no matter how often you offer to have them join you and help you make changes, they back away. It's so easy to sit back and complain for people like that, than it is to get the job done. argh!
9 years 2 months ago #158784 by mbrown
Replied by mbrown on topic Re:mother-daughter event ideas??
It was brought up at our PTOmeeting tonight that even though a mother could escort her daughter to the "Father/Daughter Dance" the young girl may be very uncomfortable if something happened to her father. We do and Mother/Son and a Father/Daughter event each year.
9 years 1 month ago #159080 by Ginger
Replied by Ginger on topic Re:mother-daughter event ideas??
My Girl Scouts offer two separate events one is call My Guy and Me. The rules are that the girls attend with an adult, male relative who 18 or older. That keeps girls from bringing boyfriends and the "Guy" can be dad, uncle, grandfather, brother...... In the past, we have given female events names such as Fabulous Fall or even Yee Haw Overnight and just make sure that the brochure does state that the event may be attended with an adult, female, relatives 18 or older. By having the two events, at least one will fit everyone's family dynamic
8 years 2 months ago #162070 by clinton017
Performing a dance and singing is really a great idea,it can be a good bonding for daughter and mother.
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