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Greenwich Mean Time on these boards

17 years 5 months ago #126873 by RobinD
hmm.. glad to see others are brave enough to confess :) sorta like my confession on another thread that I had NO idea what the difference between a PTO and PTA was.. so I finally read the very informative article posted by ptotoday !:)
17 years 5 months ago #126864 by JHB
I participate in many webinars and, now that everything is global, have to be very aware of the time zone of the host site. A couple I've really wanted to attend were were being broadcast out of England or Austrailia - so if I converted the time correctly meant I had to participate at 3am or something! Nothing like dragging yourself out of a nice warm bed to hear an hours' worth of less-than-entertaining technology discussions! But at least it's made me look twice at the time zone thing!
17 years 5 months ago #126845 by PerusingwithCoffee
LOL! Okay, I tried it out flipped. Problem is that it's been so long that I've checked in that too many of the posts were all completely new for me. So that meant I had to scroll all the way to the bottom again.

So I went back to the old stand by.
17 years 5 months ago #126843 by PerusingwithCoffee
Thanks for the question Robin. while I haven't had much time to look around yet. Busy doesn't cut it.... LOL .... I'm sure that's all of us around here.

I took the time to change the time to my zone and noticed the flip for threads. I'm going to try the newest on top/first. One thing I hate is when I either have to scroll through all of the older replies to find where I left off or I pick the actual last reply and would then find myself forgeting I was at the bottom and tried scrolling the bar the wrong way. :)

After finally getting used to the other - we'll see!!!
17 years 5 months ago #126841 by Unregistered
Replied by Unregistered on topic RE: Greenwich Mean Time on these boards
I never even payed attention to the time, you are one step ahead of me!
17 years 5 months ago #126840 by GaMom
Nope, Robin, you aren't the only dingbat, just the first one to raise your hand with this question. I was having issues too. :)
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