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Forms Needed

15 years 10 months ago #143863 by etnaptomom
Replied by etnaptomom on topic RE: Forms Needed
We have found PTO sign-up tables get largely ignored. We hang poster-sized sign-up sheets for most of the activities during the year in each classroom during "Meet the Teacher Nights" and get much better results.
15 years 10 months ago #143783 by Need Help
Replied by Need Help on topic RE: Forms Needed
I love the folder idea too!

I will pass that information along to our activities coordinator.
15 years 10 months ago #143780 by Need Help
Replied by Need Help on topic RE: Forms Needed
We have a form that goes in the parents enrollment packet. I also put it on colored paper so it is easy for office staff to pull and put aside.

Once classes are chosen, it is passed on to the homeroom parent. It works and lets the homeroom parent know what parent pereferences are and helps involve parents who do not sign up during the meet the teacher nite.
We used to do it during that nite but experienced parents wanting to wait and see where they are needed and then no one signed up.

Here is a sample of our form.

Tonkawa Elementary School
Parent Teacher Organization
Information Sheet
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Parent’s Name: __________________________________________________
Phone: ____________________ Cell Phone: ______________________
Email address: ___________________________________________________

Please list your children attending T.E.S for the 2008-2009 school year.

Name: ____________________________ Grade: ______________

Name: ____________________________ Grade: ______________

Name: ____________________________ Grade: ______________

Name: ____________________________ Grade: ______________

Name: ____________________________ Grade: ______________

Please help us understand how you want to be involved for the upcoming year!

I want to be a homeroom parent. ______ Yes ______ NO
If you ask to be a homeroom parent for a specific child, we will try to meet this request, but we can not guarantee it.

If choosing no above then circle whatever parties you would like to be involved with. BE SURE TO ALSO CIRCLE THE ITEM you would want to be responsible for. Please note a class chart will be made using your choices below. We would love to have your involvement!!

Fun Night Booth Valentine Party Drinks
Cake Walk Donation Easter Party Snack
Christmas Party Last day of School Party Favors
Field Trips Help during the parties Game/Craft

Fun Night Committee Basket Auction Committee

PTO Webmaster (email) Fundraising Committee


Due to health department regulations, all food brought to the school for classroom refreshments must be either pre-packaged or prepared by a professional bakery.

I hope this helps!
15 years 10 months ago #143765 by Need Help
Replied by Need Help on topic RE: Forms Needed
We give every homeroom teacher a set of sheets to tape to the wipe board. Parents sign up in the small classroom setting at "Meet the Teacher". All of the forms are then distributed to the chairperson after the event. We include EVERYTHING in this sign up and explain what is expected of them before they sign up. Everyone likes to know what type of time commitment they are getting into. This has worked great for us for several years. The PTO tables are not ignored because the lines are so long.
15 years 11 months ago #143522 by JHB
Replied by JHB on topic RE: Forms Needed
Don't forget to check the File Exchange area. Many forms of all types are shared there.
15 years 11 months ago #143521 by Cinema
Replied by Cinema on topic RE: Forms Needed
That folder idea is BRILLIANT!!! I'm going to "borrow" it :-)
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