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Requests from High School

13 years 6 months ago #155267 by Momski
Replied by Momski on topic Re:Requests from High School
when I was elementary PTO, we used the National Honor Society student when we had board game night - they had a blast and they got the required volunteer hours to get their NHS designation.

Keep in mind high school kids are BUSY (esp. Juniors and seniors) they are working jobs, taking Advanced Placement classes for college credit and they need to be scheduled months in advance.

Here's an idea - your elementary school PTO could offer a college scholarship to any High schoolers who went to your elementary school... now THAT trumps band uniforms any day.
13 years 6 months ago #155266 by Momski
Replied by Momski on topic Re:Requests from High School
My baby is the class of 2010, and I am an empty-nester music booster mom now.

FYI - Band Uniforms and field shows are expensive. Most bands make money marching in parades over the summer. Our band made over $3,000 marching one summer. They can march in matching t-shirts until they make up their $$.

I'm sorry - your band director needs to network with other area school band directors on this one.

There you go.

13 years 7 months ago #155067 by barb_r
Replied by barb_r on topic Re:Requests from High School
To help build that connection for us we also do:

HS Drama club did a Haunted House this year at the elementary carnival for the kids. They covered the full cost, volunteers, set up, clean up, etc. In return the PTO is loaning them the popcorn machine and donating extra drinks for their "haunted house" party on the 30th at the high school to raise money for an upcoming trip.

HS Key club members and cheerleaders volunteer at 2 of our major events, the ones that require tons of volunteers and yet the ones that parents also want to attend with their children.

HS Honor Society answers ALL (one year over 250 of them!) of our "Breakfast with Santa" letters that the kids write while waiting to visit with Santa. We provide them with special paper, they type the notes, but make them personal and sign them from Santa. Sometimes the responses are just as precious as the original letter.

HS Football Team helps to spread the mulch before the school year starts and also we host a raffle each year were the winner gets to eat with the team before a game, signed ball/shirt, special recognition at the game, etc. In return we ALWAYS take out an ad in the seasonal program, among other things.

The PTO gives back to the HS by loaning equipment for the after prom party, etc. and/or making a donation of some sort to those types of events, purchasing ads (like the football program and yearbook), running ads in our school newsletter, promoting links on our website/facebook page for high school items, etc.

We worry about how much we may spend in a years time so we try to keep it reasonable. But, we can clearly point out that this is a community building item we are doing based on the above.... so we all benefit from the partnership.
13 years 7 months ago #155064 by Critter
I love this idea because it's sparking lots of similar ideas. I am now a high school PTOer and we are looking for ways to connect the high school to our younger schools. Having HS kids perform as part of a family event at the lower schools would add a fresh fun element to the event, plus show off our HS kids' talents. I'm not even thinking about the money aspect at this point. How about an ensemble from the show choir do a song before the elementary school's family movie night? Or have the HS Jazz Band provide background entertainment at the Welcome Back picnic. Or have the HS divers do a diving exhibition before the middle school swim meet. Hmmm.....
13 years 10 months ago #154115 by gjcoram
> You might even ask the band director about scheduling a
> special performance for your school in return for a donation.

I like JHB's suggestion. Our PTO made a donation for just such a concert this past year. We have a regular Halloween event that is staffed in part by former students who are now in the HS drama program, and we make a donation to the HS drama club.
14 years 1 week ago - 13 years 10 months ago #153611 by JHB
Replied by JHB on topic Re:Requests from High School
I wouldn't be quite so quick to say "no". If you support this or to what level depends on many factors.

Our local high schools ask all the PTOs to contribute to the Project Graduation lock-in celebration for graduating seniors. The PTO's do and it may be anything from $25 to $250.
  • Our high school students volunteer at many elementary/middle school events to gain service hours. They often mentor kids or at least serve as role models.
  • Kids of all ages are inspired by the high schoolers - watching the band play, athletes may visit the middle school to talk about leadership and trying hard, etc.
  • These are YOUR kids, YOUR families. Many of those families still support the younger grades' fundraisers even when they no longer have a child at that school. When your students knock on doors in the neighborhood, they don't expect to be turned away just because the person no longer has a student at that school.
  • With bigger districts and growing populations it's hard to maintain that sense of belonging throughout the 13-year school "career". We need to foster a sense of belonging at the district level and not this disjointed school-by-school insular role. Your school should be part of the larger community and support that community, even though - of course - your focus in mostly on your specific school.

I'd consider these issues and your financial situation before deciding.

One year we were fortunate to have twice as much money as ever before. Then, it was easy to support some extra programs. Others years, we might have only been able to give a lessor amount.

It's much harder and more competitve to raise money at the high school level. My thought would be you would want to support them in some way. Even if you only give $25 or if you bring the issue to parents and "pass the hat" for personal donations.

You might even ask the band director about scheduling a special performance for your school in return for a donation.
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