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Parent Involement

9 years 10 months ago - 9 years 9 months ago #154398 by Jewel
Replied by Jewel on topic Re:Parent Involvement
You could just go home school??? WOW! That just makes the school board sounds like it's leading the people of "Deliverance"!!

I guess I get it as I grew up in a small town (graduating class had 49 kids). My elderly mother still lives there (was born there, in fact), but is pretty much shut out of the inner circle of residents because she lived elsewhere for 20 years (45 years ago!). travels overseas a lot, and tends to challenge entrenched behaviors.

Oh, guess is that once you show yourself to be a "team player" and once you place a well-timed compliment on the leaders every now and again, they'll crack the door open to you a bit. :)
9 years 9 months ago #154652 by lorimae1
Replied by lorimae1 on topic Re:Parent Involement
Wow, I would love to have such an energetic parent ready to get involved in our PTG!! We are a very small school in Maine, only 250+ students, but we are high energy, and always looking for volunteers.
My advice would be to attend the meetings, next, look at the calendar of events or the next event they have scheduled and show up...EARLY even and dig in to whatever they need help with.
Good luck and don't give up, the people who are in charge should be available and accessable. Maybe there is more contact info on the school or PTO website? Maybe the secretary is the one who would respond...that is her corespond.
Other than, moving to Maine and helping with our events....that's the advice I would give.
9 years 9 months ago #154658 by Kimberly
Replied by Kimberly on topic Re:Parent Involement
I would love to move the Maine. :-)
I must call the school & find out when the next PTO meeting is. The school my children attend preciously sent out flyers the day of. Not at this school. I will keep trying & see what happens.
9 years 9 months ago #154660 by JHB
Replied by JHB on topic Re:Parent Involement
Aside from your current efforts, I'd find a niche for volunteering and start there.

It shouldn't be so hard, but once you get your foot in the door, you are in a better position to assess how that particular set of people interact, look for ways to help, understand why status quo exists, what needs to change.

So find something that isn't necessary a PTO function and work your way in. Volunteer in the library, offer to chair Science fair, help organize track and field day...
9 years 9 months ago #154664 by Kimberly
Replied by Kimberly on topic Re:Parent Involement
Just spoke w/ the Elem. School Admin Asst who has been w/ the school for 7 yrs. This school has had PTO established for only a couple years. She indicated PTO does not have a set meeting date (i.e. once a month). She was nice & took my information to pass onto the PTO President.
I asked her about volunteering; if the school encouraged....needed it, etc. She indicated they have 2 or 3 people that volunteer every now & then but that she didn't know how the teachers felt about it.
Now between u & me & everyone on this forum. THAT PRETTY MUCH SAYS IT ALL.
Every school that my children have attended has all but begged for parent volunteering/involvement. I will just keep trying & see how it goes.
They may not need volunteers....who knows. :-)
9 years 9 months ago #154741 by Involved Parent
Replied by Involved Parent on topic Re:Parent Involement
I moved to a small town and didn't know anyone so I've delt with the outsider feelings. I found the small towners don't mean to keep anyone out it just happens because they are used to asking familiar faces to do familair jobs. Eight years later I'm loving the small town- stick with it.
They may not be responding because they are overwhelmed themselves. Maybe the activities they do are different than what other schools are doing. By all meas go to the board meeting. Most groups are in need of parents willing to volunteer and bring in new ideas. Ask if they have anyone in charge of parent communications, if not ask if you can be. As you have found out it is very important.
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