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Calendar Template?

6 years 4 weeks ago #171980 by Rose H
Replied by Rose H on topic Calendar Template?
Hi mroberge,

I've seen some calendar templates posted in our PTO and PTA Leaders Group on Facebook. Here's the link: If you aren't a member, just request to join, and I will approve. Once in the group, you can do a search (in the search box on left side of page) on "calendars" and the threads should pop up. You can also post a new question asking for ideas.

You might also find our PTO planning calendar helpful as you are putting yours together:

Good luck!
Community Manager
6 years 1 month ago #171974 by mroberge
Calendar Template? was created by mroberge
Hi there,
does anyone have a calendar template they could share with me to list all PTO events during the year? It would be so grateful.

Thank you!
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