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PTO Board Positions

5 years 2 weeks ago #173086 by lharac
Replied by lharac on topic PTO Board Positions
Hi, nalexander30 -- First, I want to commend you for thinking about how you can keep *all*  of these interested volunteers engaged! Your group is lucky to have you.

It should be a good problem to have so many people interested in a position, but it's true that feelings can be hurt by the outcome. If there are only 2 people interested in a position, you could suggest that both people take on the role and serve as co-leaders.

If it's more than two people, then a great first step is to talk to or email everyone collectively (so that it's transparent). Let them all know that there's been a lot of interest in the position, and the group's top priority is to have as many people participate as possible. Then share the other open board positions, along with the job descriptions, and ask whether any of those positions are of interest.

*As far as elections, what do your bylaws say?* If the bylaws lay out that board positions are filled by election, then that's what your group will need to do. In that case, you could have each candidate speak for 90 seconds to  2 minutes (use a timer) about their qualifications and desire to serve in that role.

If you aren't required to hold an election and you you still have 3 or more people interested in the job, you could draw a name from a bowl and fill the role that way. Again, be transparent by letting everyone involved know that's how it will be decided, and do the name draw at an official meeting, same as you would any regular board election.
5 years 2 weeks ago #173083 by nalexander30

For the first time (ever maybe), our PTO board has more than one person who have submitted their names for one particular position on the board. We would like to find a solution so that all interested parties can participate i.e. we don't want to deter or turn anyone away. What is the most effective way to deal with multiple people wanting to hold the same position? Is it an election process, which would ultimately mean people are competing for the same role and we risk people being upset with the outcome and not want to participate at all. Do we ask if people are interested in other roles on the board, but we don't want to sway people either. So my question is is there a good, fair way to solve for this with minimal upset?

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