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8 years 8 months ago #157056 by Lisa @ PTO Today
Replied by Lisa @ PTO Today on topic Movie Night Question
Not a silly question at all! Yes, you do need a movie license. There is information about this in our free Family Movie Night Kit.

There's also lots of good information here:

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask.


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8 years 8 months ago #157059 by Cindy
Replied by Cindy on topic Movie Night Question
We just had a very successful movie night at our school. You do need a license but more than likely, your school already has one. Check with your library. They need to have one on file to show any movies at school. Good luck.

8 years 1 month ago #158827 by Shirrell Williams
Replied by Shirrell Williams on topic Movie Night Question
We showed Gnomeo an Juliet. We had a good crowd. We done it inside we had a blow up screen. WE also received popcorn from one of the local theatres to give away free and we sold chic fil a sandwiches and water. We only purchased a one time license however if you purchase the one time you will be able to upgrade if you decided to show more movies and they will give you credit for the one time show fee. I hope that this helped
8 years 1 week ago #159088 by Judithz
Replied by Judithz on topic Movie Night Question
I still havent find the answer to my question.... why do we need a licence? Do we rent/buy the movie's from you? And is the $100 fee a one time fee per year or per movie? Best regards, JZ
8 years 1 week ago #159089 by adfilson
Replied by adfilson on topic Movie Night Question
The reason you need the license is because according to copyright laws, you are not allowed to show movies to the general public. You can see this in the fine print when you rent a movie and it has the warning information on it. You can either rent the movie to show or purchase it for your own library. When we had our first movie night, I bought two copies, one for my personal library at home (which is the one we used to show the movie) and then one to give away as a prize.
7 years 10 months ago #159552 by gheidi
Replied by gheidi on topic Movie Night Question
We held our movie night in our Cafeteria/Multi-purpose room. We bought the "one time" license but this year we upgraded. Our turn-out was HUGE, much better than we expected AND planned for. We had our local pizza place...the cheap one ;-), deliver pizza that we sold per slice. We have a popcorn machine so we also popped popcorn and sold candy. We gave bottled water away with pizza purchases. We also gave those little powered packets to flavor water. Lemonade, fruit punch etc. <--big hit. Here is where we failed to be prepared. We should have been popping popcorn at least 2 hours before the arrival time so we had popcorn ready to be purchased. Each popping only produced 2-3 bags so it was hard to keep up. We didn't order enough pizza to start w/but as soon as we saw the turnout we got on the phone and call the pizza joint and they promptly brought more pizza. We ordered more pizza twice! Our next movie night we will also sell "family" size bags of popcorn.

As a side note: For some events we have our local pizza place set up and sell pizza, nachos, drinks and then they just give us a percentage. There are times when that is helpful so the volunteers can have a break and enjoy the festivities as well. We pretty much have the same volunteers for every event so they deserve a break! Each movie go'er received a ticket and at the end we had a drawing for the movie. Btw, picking the movie out is the hardest part! We have a pre-screen available for parents. We are a magnet school with 912 students. OH, and we had the families bring blankets & pillows and we set up chairs around the perimeter. It was fun!
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