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Do you show PG movies?

12 years 5 months ago #159382 by MIDad
Replied by MIDad on topic Re:Do you show PG movies?
A PG rating means the ratings board suggests parents watch the movie *first* and decide whether it's suitable for their children. It doesn't mean it's OK for kids as long as their parents are with them.
12 years 5 months ago - 12 years 5 months ago #159324 by texasebeth
Our school is K - 6th grade as well but our school district will not let us show PG movies. It is extremely difficult to find movies rated G that will appeal to such a wide age range. We require the parents to attend the movie night with their kids.
12 years 5 months ago #159319 by Joanne
Replied by Joanne on topic Re:Do you show PG movies?
We show PG movies. We put the movie rating on the flyer so parents can choose whether or not they will attend. Our school is K-6 so it is hard to find a movie that will appeal to all ages. So far we have not received any complaints about showing PG movies. We will next be showing Dolphin Tales.
12 years 5 months ago #159318 by Theresa Graz
Replied by Theresa Graz on topic Re:Do you show PG movies?
Hello, we are showing Mr. Popper's Penguins in Feb. Hoping all goes well with this. Good luck picking.
12 years 5 months ago #159311 by Rose H
[reposted Michele Fitzpatrick- Somody]

Family Movie many show PG movies because kids are accompanied by their parent or an adult?
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