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Requesting donations locally

13 years 2 months ago #156900 by chixbaby27
Thank you so much for the reply! I checked in the file exchange and didn't see a standard donation you know where I could find one? This is the first year we have done this, and I am a little nervous!
13 years 2 months ago #156872 by rm9116
We do all of these things. If we know the people/business from whom we are requesting a donation, we typically call. If someone in our group frequents a specific business and they have donated to us in the past, that person goes to the business with a personalized letter that thanks them for their past donation of XXX and asks that they consider our request again this year. For those places that have never donated but that we patronize, we take either our standard donation letter or one customized for the business. We have one lady who is fearless about contacting companies by phone, so we follow up on the leads she gives us with a letter soon after she calls the business. Good luck to you!
13 years 2 months ago #156859 by chixbaby27
I am looking for donations for Teacher Appreciation Week giveaways. I requested quite a few from the Ultimate Donation List (which is AWESOME!) and already received several "yes" replies.

My question is this...when asking for local donations (restaurants, mainly), do you call them or do you go in person? If you go in person, do you already have a letter printed out written to them specifically on letterhead with the information on it, or do you have a form letter on letterhead that you pass out to those who request it?

I'm very new to this and don't want to waste anyone's time ~ mine or theirs!

Thanks in advance for any information!
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