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Talk Tricky Trays: Tips & Tricks. Thanks!

11 years 9 months ago #161563 by Lauren S
Replied by Lauren S on topic Re:Talk Tricky Trays: Tips & Tricks. Thanks!
I saw an auction with paper lunch bags as the ticket containers. Had a description of the item on an index card taped to the bag. Very inexpensive and efficient
12 years 4 weeks ago #161020 by Roger.Devine
Let's see if this link will post:


If not, I got to it by searching for "acrylic fish bowl" on Amazon.

12 years 4 weeks ago #161019 by Ticket containers
Replied by Ticket containers on topic Re:Talk Tricky Trays: Tips & Tricks. Thanks!
Does anyone have any ideas to use for inexpensive ticket containers? Thanks!
12 years 1 month ago #160921 by Rose H
There is some serious organization that has to go into this! Love the details. It really helps explain it. Thanks for sharing!

Rose C.
12 years 1 month ago #160903 by Ninja4Good
Hi tricky help,

I've done these tricky tray, or basket raffles a couple of different ways. The first way is to purchase numbered raffle tickets that are double rolls. This means that they have a duplicate ticket attached, and when you sell the tickets, you keep one side, and they keep the other. When it is on a roll, you just pull out the tickets you are selling, fold the tickets in half down the perforated center and you keep the one side, and give the other side to your customer. They will be marked to let you know what side you give the customer, and what side you keep. Then the purchaser can then take their tickets and place them in our numbered boxes. These numbered boxes are in front of matching numbered item, along with a numbered table tent containing a description of the item. Once the allotted time is over, the boxes are gathered, and the drawing begins. A ticket is chosen from each individual box and the number is called out. (Additionally, the box is passed to a committee member to count all of the tickets left in the box. The matching table tent description is gathered and the number of tickets is written on the table tent for committee use later. This information is reviewed to see what items did well, and what items did not.) After the ticket number is called out, and while the audience is verifying their numbers, the ticket is taped to the basket or item and moved off stage to a pick-up area and placed in numerical order. (Ticket numbers, not basket numbers.) In order for someone to pick-up their item they must have a matching ticket.

The other way that I've seen it done is sealed clear baggies with pre-printed numbered tickets (with the same number) are sold as packages. Some packages will have 50 tickets, some will have 100. (Each package has different colored tickets.) Along with your tickets you also receive a wristband that corresponds with the number on your tickets and your name and number will be collected and included under your corresponding number as well. You then place the tickets in the boxes of your choice and when the raffle time is over, one ticket from each box is pulled and announced. The winning number is then placed on the item and moved off stage to the runners in numerical order. If you hear your number called, you can get in line and have a runner help you, or you can wait until the raffle is over. You cannot pick-up your item without showing your wristband. If you are not present, you will be contacted after the event to pick-up your merchandise or you have the option to donate it back to school for another event.

In most cases, people who have to leave early will pass their tickets on to someone that they know and ask them to pick up any winning prizes for them. For some people who I knew had to leave early, I was able to assign a committee member to their tickets and the committee member later would deliver any winning items either to the parent's home or to the school office for pick-up.

I hope this help!
12 years 1 month ago #160888 by Rose H
Love those suggestions, Ninja4Good! Those small details are actually really important and can make a big difference. Thanks for sharing those,

Rose C.
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