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Recent Auction Donations?

11 years 5 months ago #162204 by Rose H
Replied by Rose H on topic Re:Recent Auction Donations?
Thanks for the input, Mommyto5!

~ Rose C.
11 years 5 months ago #162197 by mommyto5
Replied by mommyto5 on topic Re:Recent Auction Donations?
Or just look at the more recent ones. Ive gotten lots of useful ideas from going on the most recent posts then going backwards. I have learned a lot from this board, even though Ive been in pta for years & years. Theres some great ideas if you take the time to pick thru it. =)
Like go to all your local museums. Thats been a big hit for me personally & wouldnt even have thought of that if it werent for this board.
Thanks everyone for paying it forward.
11 years 6 months ago #161977 by Rose H
Replied by Rose H on topic Re:Recent Auction Donations?
Hi folks,

Just wanted to add that we have recently updated Ultimate Donation List with a vendor search capability. You can search by a vendor name and get all related posts about that vendor. We are getting good feedback on it!

Rose C.
Community Manager
11 years 6 months ago #161966 by Susan
Replied by Susan on topic Re:Recent Auction Donations?
That would be helpful!

Some of the places have new restrictions now if not new contact info. And a note saying if they only donate to their local community or certain states would help too.
11 years 10 months ago #161271 by chixbaby27
I don't want to step on any toes here, so ignore me if I am, but is anyone interested in starting a current thread of places that are donating to our auctions? I have spent hours going back through the almost 400 pages in the "Ultimate" list and find that many of the places mentioned are not donating anymore, some of which don't even exist anymore. My auction is in February and I am trying to make my master list of who to contact, but it's difficult when some of the posts are several years old. I figure lots of other folks are having the same problems!

(I'm in GA ~ so if anyone has any new ideas, let me know!)
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