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2014 Ultimate Donation List

10 years 2 weeks ago #165537 by Mark
Replied by Mark on topic Re:2014 Ultimate Donation List
The only donations I got associated with Bidding for Good were a couple local museums.
10 years 2 weeks ago #165536 by Lisa
Replied by Lisa on topic Re:2014 Ultimate Donation List
Question about BiddingForGood

Hi everyone,

I'm wondering what everyone's experiences have been requesting donations from companies that partner with BiddingForGood when your auction is NOT partnering with BiddingForGood? I've found a number of companies with online donation request forms that explicitly connect the company with BiddingForGood.

Has anyone gotten a donation from a BiddingForGood partner but not used BiddingforGood?

Thank you,
10 years 2 weeks ago #165535 by tireless fundraiser
Replied by tireless fundraiser on topic Re:2014 Ultimate Donation List
Wow Crusdader that is AWESOME! I'm always curious to hear what people had for LIVE AUCTION items - would you mind sharing to give us ideas of directions to look in our own cities???? And YES! I would love to hear about your "auction off your dessert" please email me at Cutiepetutiesmom at gmail dot com

Our auction has passed and I will admit that I am FRIED and ready for a much needed break. Our ticket sales this year were less than in the past, but everyone who came had a great time. BUT our auctioneer blew it this year and I feel like we could have done better by at least $5000 if he had been on his game :( He blindly pulled people into the live auction to talk about their items/services they were providing and not a lot of people are good on the spot. If something was valued at $500 he'd start out by asking who would give $3000 and the room went silent. In years past he was very entertaining and played with the crowd, this year it was just very uncomfortable. And our Fund-A-Need was more of a general need this year and we didn't have SPECIFICS on what the school would spend the money on other than expanding the music program and he knew that, but then tried to pull us in to give specifics which made it all finish with a dull flat feeling
As with most of us here, this list has been extremely helpful and given me additional ideas to search under for expanding our growing list. We are located in MN, so this follow up of YES'S is more concentrated on our local donations that I don't believe I have seen listed here before. I like many of you have combed through these lists for the past 3 years that I've been doing this. At one point in time we have all been "newbies" to this list and a lot of us put in a lot of work to create this great list, so I am not going to re-create all of my yes's and their contact information as that information is ALL LISTED IN ALL OF THESE PAGES for those of you willing to put in the work. My LOCAL yes's that I don't think have been listed here before are:

43Hoops - email from their CONTACT US information
ACME Comedy Company- email from their CONTACT US information
Big Thrill Factory - mail request
Chanhassen - online
Comedy Sportz - mail request
Fired Up Studios - email from their CONTACT US information
Gedney Pickle (must pick up in Chaska) - email from their CONTACT US information
Guthrie - online
Kidcreate Studios - email from their CONTACT US information
Mixed Blood Theatre - email from their CONTACT US information
OrangeTheory Fitness - mail request to local studio
The Works Museum - mail request

Keep up all the good work everyone - I know it can get to be a bit tiring and overwhelming at times, but the outcome is always worth it!
10 years 2 weeks ago #165534 by Crusader
well our Auction & Dinner was Saturday and it was Awesome! I have no idea why I was so worried. We had over 300 and they all showed up with big money. Items on our live auction was going for hundreds more then its value. It was so cool.
We tried something new... auction off your dessert. It brought in $2677. Anyone want info on that, then let me know.
Our live auction brought in over $17,000, silent $6400 raffle bags $650 and tickets with sponsors $14,000. Plus the best part is we have two people match what we made up to $30,000 each!
With all my endless hours of working on gathering donations, I'm proud of myself for bringing in almost $8000 of it.

Its such hard work and endless hours of searching for donations but when the event is here and you see the results, its all worth it.
10 years 3 weeks ago #165519 by marilyn
The Kohl's Cares program is fantastic!

We just had our volunteers come in yesterday and they got so much prep work done. If you are in a populous area, you should apply to more than one store. If you get five from each one, you will get $500 from each. The key is to follow up directly with the local store manager after you submit the application and get an email back.
10 years 3 weeks ago #165517 by Sara K in Idaho
Replied by Sara K in Idaho on topic Re:2014 Ultimate Donation List
Marie MD - RE: Church Fundraisers - Why are you having a fundraiser? Ours was for a Spring Break Mission Trip. The teens going on the trip had to pay for their own travel/lodging/food expenses. The money from the auction was used to purchase the building supplies being used to make improvements to a family's home, as well as to purchase rice, beans, potatoes and onions to distribute to families in the community the teens went to. All of which we stated in our request letter. We seemed to have received very similar yes's and no's from the companies already listed in other posts.
One additional direction we looked for requests was from Christian authors and music groups. We had the teens pick a favorite book and write to that author - telling them what they enjoyed about the book and why they were excited about their up coming trip. Then repeated that with music groups. We also received quite a selection of books from our church denomination's publisher.
It seems like many companies will donate as long as the funds are not being used for religious purposes.
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