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2014 Ultimate Donation List

10 years 3 months ago #165192 by Susie
Replied by Susie on topic Re:2014 Ultimate Donation List
In the past we have had a lot of success with a basket of items to make ice cream sundaes, toppings, bowls, ice cream scoop, ice cream coupons, etc. Can also put gift certificates for restaurants that serve ice cream. Good Luck!
10 years 3 months ago #165191 by Susie
Replied by Susie on topic Re:2014 Ultimate Donation List
I live in Ohio and have been doing silent auctions for the past 8 years. If anyone has any contacts for organizations in the midwest, I would love your input. I would also like the contact information for Disney World. Thank you so much for this site. It is fantastic!
10 years 3 months ago #165188 by Audric623
Replied by Audric623 on topic Re:2014 Ultimate Donation List
I have gotten a yes from:
Jan Brett
Rebecca skloot
Erin condrin
Strider bike
NYC broadway comedy club
Dorney park
Victoria secret
David bridal
Longhorn steakhouse
Stampin' up

I got no from:
Pampered chef
Tastefully simple
Big machine label
Rainbow cleaner
Totally wine n more
Stomp broadway
Empire State bldg observatory
Top of the rock

I got maybe and fill out more stuff from:
Jack link Jerky
Bissel co
10 years 3 months ago #165187 by ering86
I applied for Alex and Ani 3 weeks ago and got a "NO" today. They said it was due to high volume of requests.
10 years 3 months ago #165186 by fundraiser mom
Replied by fundraiser mom on topic Re:2014 Ultimate Donation List
Thanks for all the ideas (and teacher basket ideas ). My school only does raffle baskets (we've never had an auction). I find that the majority of donations will come from local businesses as well as those not far from your area (I live on Long Island so we are able to get some NYC items as well) . I also reach out to vineyards & other places that are an easy back-and-forth in-a-day trip. For all you newcomers, think of the prize tips you get from this list as a bonus to round out what you have. Follow-up is huge, if you don't follow-up with places that tell you call/email/come back closer to the event, you lose out on prizes. Also realize that all of these donors are inundated by requests. We have a local catering hall/hotel/restaurant business that we are never able to get a donation from but they donated an entire prom at one of their facilities to another school district that was decimated (commercially and residentially) by Hurricane Sandy- so you never know. Try to keep the big picture in mind I guess is what I'm trying to say. Try to be creative - maybe you have a local place that has kayak rentals, or goes out on fishing trips for large (public) groups, horseback trail rides….Good luck. Appreciate all the tips. Am trying again for Coach, but am not optimistic as we were unable to obtain a Coach donation even when they had a local store here. WOnder if their donations are made more to hospitals, medical fundraisers, large school fundraisers, vs. individual schools? Anyone know about Coach?
10 years 3 months ago #165184 by Susan
Replied by Susan on topic Re:2014 Ultimate Donation List
Alex and Ani donated to us last year and were great in their response. The item came well before the event. I submitted a request a few weeks ago and they got back to me right away as well.
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