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2014 Ultimate Donation List

10 years 2 months ago #165014 by fundraiser mom
Replied by fundraiser mom on topic Re:2014 Ultimate Donation List
If you have a lot of little prizes like that, what about putting the extra prizes into individual balloons and selling the balloons for a small amount. Though perhaps you could include a large prize in one of the balloons ($25? $50) to motivate people to buy the balloons?
10 years 2 months ago #165013 by musei1
What I have done in the past with the food certificates was to purchase an apron. On the apron, we would put "Dads Week to Cook". We'd pin the certificates to the apron-and then lay the apron on a table or hand it up so everyone can see.

It's sold for a lot because people see it has a lot of certificates. ;) Hope that helps!
10 years 2 months ago #165012 by Rose H
Hi Debbieomi,

Thanks for bringing that to our attention and we are tweaking some of those URLs so current information is available. We are thrilled with how many people are adding to this thread. That list was actually started more than a year ago by a community member and has been modified over the last several months.

Wanted to point out that some folks are posting their own "mini lists'' of donors or even just one or two names of donors as they have success. So, be on the lookout for those posts as well! One thing I will do on occasion is post roundups of recently posted donor names so folks have additional information to work with in case they missed something on the thread.

Good luck with your auction and stay in touch!


Rose C.
10 years 2 months ago #165011 by Marie MD
Replied by Marie MD on topic Re:2014 Ultimate Donation List
Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do with a variety of coupons that are donated? Some restaurants have donated "one free sub" or "one free appetizer" (one coupon per visit). Does anyone have anything creative they've done with these? Other than just putting them inside a basket as a "throw away".
10 years 2 months ago #165009 by PamDavis
Thank you Katie and Stacey! I've been pleasantly surprised with the positive responses we've received so far. It's just the So. California ones that have me stumped :)
10 years 2 months ago #165008 by twinzmom
Pam Davis,

In terms of getting a hotel stay near Disneyland donated that's where we had to appeal to our parents.
Initially, I tried calling and/or emailing just about every manager at every hotel in the vicinity and either didn't get a response, was told that they get too many requests or can't because they only partner with a specific charity.
In the end I just wound up putting out the word via Facebook, PTA meetings and word of mouth. We had a parent that had recently been there contact the general manager at the hotel her family stayed at and he donated a 2 night stay. And he's done it for our last two auctions!

Good luck!

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