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Disney park hopper passes

5 years 11 months ago #165929 by Meg Sears
Disney park hopper passes was created by Meg Sears
Greetings, I have a few questions concerning Disney donations. The website address that I found listed on this forum was for Disneyland in California and they only donate to organizations in certain western states. Is there a separate website for Disneyworld in Florida and what states do they donate to? What exactly is a "hopper pass" that Disney does donate? Does it include admission price? Thanks for helping me out. Meg
5 years 11 months ago #165931 by Debra
Replied by Debra on topic Re:Disney park hopper passes
Yes, Disney World Orlando donates to the Eastern and Southern States. I have just been approved for 4 tickets for our school's annual Fall Fest. The tickets are 1 day admission with parkhopper option added (Value of $536). This means that whomever wins the tickets will not have to pay to get in and they can visit any or all of the 4 parks on the same day. We are currently requesting for Hotel Vouchers to add to our Disney Vacation package.

SeaWorld will not donate tickets unless you have a hotel voucher for the area to put their tickets in a "Florida Vacation Package", unless you live in Florida.

Universal Studios does not donate outside the State of Florida and gives preference to those close to the Orlando area.

Jeff Davis Elementary PTO President
Biloxi, MS
5 years 11 months ago #165933 by Meg
Replied by Meg on topic Re:Disney park hopper passes
Do you have a website/e-mail address for Disneyworld in Orlando? How did you apply for your donation from Disneyworld? I only can find Disneyland donations on-line. Help!
5 years 11 months ago #165935 by dianne
Replied by dianne on topic Re:Disney park hopper passes
MKDeb - the link to register your non profit has an error. can you repost?
5 years 11 months ago #165936 by Susan
Replied by Susan on topic Re:Disney park hopper passes
Just google Disney world donation requests. It is the first link.
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