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Caribbean Resort Properties donation

4 years 10 months ago #166580 by Elite Island Resorts
Caribbean Resort Properties donation was created by Elite Island Resorts

Does anyone have experience with Elite Island Resorts? I just received an unsolicited email from Elite Island Resorts offering a package at one of their four Caribbean Properties and wanted to hear about others' experience with them.

Thanks in advance for your advice!
4 years 10 months ago #166581 by Craig
There's a good post about this on the Ultimate Donation List thread. There are some things you should be aware of before accepting:

Note that this thread is a couple of years old. The current Ultimate Donation List thread is here:

Editor in Chief
3 years 10 months ago #169628 by Elite Resorts Insight
Replied by Elite Resorts Insight on topic Caribbean Resort Properties donation
They provide great support material and their properties are legit. However, we sold none at our auction due to the minimum fee. We won't use them again, as a result.
1 year 2 weeks ago #172839 by Susan Nolan
Replied by Susan Nolan on topic Caribbean Resort Properties donation
The additional fee is for "all inclusive", which means meals, drinks, graturities, etc. Basically, the rooms are free and generally up to 3 rooms double occupancy. Great as a give-away, not to bid on.
5 months 2 weeks ago #173046 by Kelly Jackson
Replied by Kelly Jackson on topic Caribbean Resort Properties donation
Sadly it’s not free because the supplement fee is the exact same price as you would pay for the trip itself. You are basically paying for a piece of paper. If you pay anymore than the supplement you are losing money. It’s not a good deal. I would say it’s a scam and not fair to people bidding because they don’t have all the information.
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