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Ultimate Donation List

6 years 9 months ago #172011 by MINNIEMARI
Replied by MINNIEMARI on topic Ultimate Donation List
Hi Madeline, If you have a Half Price Bookstore in your area, they are wonderful donators of books. And each spring, they do a big book giveaway for schools and non-profits and when you sign up for it, on giveaway day you can get as many as 4-5 boxes of books for your library. They're wonderful!
6 years 9 months ago #172010 by MINNIEMARI
Replied by MINNIEMARI on topic Ultimate Donation List

I would also like to share that over the summer I did my annual writing to different museums, government agencies, etc., for bookmarks. Our students go through SO MANY bookmarks throughout the year that constantly buying them - or even printing them! - can add up fast. So a few years ago, I started writing to these different organizations requesting a donation of bookmarks for our school. The response is always overwhelming and it is nice to be able to drop off a large box full of bookmarks for the school. Age appropriate ones are divvied between the elementary and the middle school. And many times, these wonderful organizations also include pencils, stickers, and little workbooks for the kids as well. These make great giveaway items throughout the year.
6 years 9 months ago #172009 by Cindy Seckel
Replied by Cindy Seckel on topic Ultimate Donation List SC LIst
Do you still have your list and willing to share for SC? I am new to this.
6 years 9 months ago #172008 by MINNIEMARI
Replied by MINNIEMARI on topic Ultimate Donation List
I would like to share for those of you with Rite Aid's in your area, I did my annual back-to-school clearance shopping of their dollar bins (75% off!). I picked up almost 100 items and spent only about $35 for our school. What better way to give back to your school and classrooms! All these items make great giveaway items throughout the year for good behavior, craft items, and items for our carnival - coloring books, character erasers (pkg of 36), Frozen diaries, foam US map puzzles, character pre-K and K puzzles, character notebooks, pencil cases, Disney and Spider Man tape, magnets, dinosaur and princess baggies, stickers, and craft foam shapes. Bought anywhere from 8-10 of each of these items, and many have multiple items in them. This is a great donation for the school.
6 years 9 months ago #172005 by Madeline Davidock
Replied by Madeline Davidock on topic Ultimate Donation List
We could use any books etc, at our school, we have an 80% poverty rating. We would be so grateful!!
6 years 9 months ago #172004 by Anonymous
Replied by Anonymous on topic Ultimate Donation List

pookadoo77 wrote: I have a Microsoft works page I have typed up with all the info I may need to fill out forms with answers to general questions and I cut and paste into applications a lot. Saves a LOT of time!! for example how funds will be used, school info, tell us why, etc. can tweak to personalize once pasted. My mom and I got around $10,000.00 in donations last year for our school. they made around 7500.00 off of them.... this list and googling ideas.... ;)

Hi, I was wondering if you happened to have a sample letter of the information you used in your email. Thank you! ^-^
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