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Ultimate Donation List

9 years 4 months ago #167180 by Anonymous
Replied by Anonymous on topic Ultimate Donation List
How did you get so many hotels?
9 years 4 months ago #167179 by mb
Replied by mb on topic Ultimate Donation List
I have gotten tickets from the minor league teams in NY. Staten Island Yankees, Brooklyn Cyclones. You can also try colleges. I have received tickets to sporting events at Hofstra and Molloy here on Long Island. Sometimes when dealing with younger children the minor leagues are a lot more fun for them.
9 years 4 months ago #167178 by MB
Replied by MB on topic Ultimate Donation List
are you a PTA ? In our State (NY) all PTA's are covered under the state 501(c)3 determination letter. You may be able to get something from your state treasurer? If not I would suggest calling the IRS and requesting a determination letter. They say it takes 4-6 weeks, but sometimes you get lucky and it comes in 2.
9 years 4 months ago #167177 by Alyce Cerniglia
Replied by Alyce Cerniglia on topic Ultimate Donation List
We have received the Atlantis Reno package in the past. There are a lot of restrictions- weekdays only. There was no bid this year even when I placed it with some other items. I live in Philadelphia, PA area.
9 years 4 months ago #167176 by normagene
Replied by normagene on topic Ultimate Donation List
The package includes your purchasing of a mandatory food package. Cost use to be $125 per person per day. So a 7 night stay cost over $1700 per person. We sold one package for $40. Air fare was on their own. We were very upfront about the costs.
9 years 4 months ago #167175 by Michelle Smith
Hi everyone!

These threads have been SUPER helpful! Thank you:

We received Resort Accommodation Certificates from Elite Island Resorts - I wanted to know if anyone has received certificates from there before and its real?!

We also received from Sunset World.

Thank you!
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