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Help! I need a Go Green Kit!!!

11 years 5 months ago #161911 by Craig
Hi Mama2Shawn -- I just messaged you, check your profile page if you haven't seen it yet.


Editor in Chief
11 years 5 months ago #161910 by Mama2Shawn
Hi!! I have been attempting to get a Go Green Night approved since my son started kindergarten (he just started 3rd grade!) but due to the PTO members at the time all being friends, I was never able to get it. I have finally been able to get the okay and I am planning it for April, however, I came back here to get the Go Green Kit, and found out that they just took it down the end of last school year >:( I am crushed!!!! This has been a dream of mine and my son's for several years, and now it's just out of reach!!! :( I have tried contacting PTO Today to see if they had just ONE leftover, or even just the downloadable ones and the woman replied back that they don't :( I do not understand how they wouldn't even have a computer copy when it has been up for years and they only removed it a few months ago, but it is what it is... I am desperately hoping that SOMEONE out there has a kit available, again, even just all the pieces on a computer that they could email me. I would like to know exactly what was included in the print kit (banner, letters, projects, etc.) and then a copy of everything I can get so I can check it out myself. While I have plenty of time to get ready for this, I would like to find a kit as soon as possible so that I can start really planning it. If you have ANYTHING, even if you just remember all the pieces that were included and can list them, or just ONE piece to the kit, literally anything, PLEASE let me know, I will pay for shipping costs for anything in print to get to me!! Thanks in advance for any help that I can get!!!
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