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Themes for Teacher Appreciation Luncheons

19 years 5 months ago #65665 by dubbledee
Replied by dubbledee on topic RE: Themes for Teacher Appreciation Luncheons
Serendipity -- that's a wonderful suggestion. I think contacting and getting local businesses involved is a good idea. I do live in a small town with "Mom & Pop" businesses. I was originally going to rely upon Costco/Sam's Club for the items but I bet the locals would appreciate any advertising that we could do to feature supporters of this luncheon.
19 years 5 months ago #65664 by dubbledee
Replied by dubbledee on topic RE: Themes for Teacher Appreciation Luncheons
Hiya <boysmom>--The ideas that you offered are terrific -- a tad closer to what I had in mind. I do like the "Souper" lunch concept with an assortment of soups to be offered and perhaps accompany soups with a few 6 foot subs. Add some extras like salad and desserts and that sounds like a nice lunch. I'm a little concerned about providing an Italian theme (but I LOVE the selections) because so many people are watching their "carbs" these days. This might not be well received due to this diet craze. The taco salad also sounds like a healthy idea.

Somebody at school suggested doing some type of Hawaiian Luau theme. Any more suggestions? Please keep them coming :D I do appreciate all the help.
19 years 5 months ago #65663 by Serendipity
We get a local deli that gives us a cold cut spread with condiments and rolls, salad, & macaroni & potato Salad & cole slaw...for their cost. You should try and ask some local places and see if they will give you a deal
19 years 5 months ago #65662 by <boysmom>
Replied by <boysmom> on topic RE: Themes for Teacher Appreciation Luncheons
We've had parents prepare a few meals for teachers so far this year (not for the official Teacher Appreciation Week, obviously), and we had good results with (1) a Mexican themed luncheon, with a wide variety of items so they could build their own taco salads--chili, black bean salsa, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, peppers, olives, etc.; (2) an Italian themed luncheon, with lasagna, deep-dish pizza, stuffed shells, and eggplant parmigiana; (3) a soup supper, with an assortment of homemade soups in Crockpots, accompanied by salads and bread; and (4) a stuffed spud spread, with baked potatoes and toppings from chili to broccoli in cheese sauce to sauteed mushrooms.

For May I'm trying to think of a spring-related theme--maybe a beach party? With chicken salad, shrimp salad, fruit kebabs, and umbrella drinks?

With all the food allergies and vegetarian varieties out there, I have found it useful to make sure we have basically several "main dishes," several sides and several desserts, whatever the overall theme. That way there are lots of options to choose from, so I don't really have to take any individual preferences into account. (Not to mention, no one volunteer cook has to prepare too large an amount.)
19 years 5 months ago - 10 years 2 months ago #65661 by dubbledee
Replied by dubbledee on topic RE: Themes for Teacher Appreciation Luncheons
Hi mykidsmom! :) Thank you for your suggestion. I do live in the Northeast so seafood might be more readily available but with the higher costs (and potential for allergies) burgers might be a better idea. What did you serve alongside the burgers as extras to carry out your western bbq theme? And decorations?
19 years 5 months ago #65660 by mykidsmom
While I would love to serve grilled steaks and pork chops, my little budget gives me the same challenge.
One year I had a Western BBQ theme and served burgers (I entertained my vegan guests with lots of veggie salads they love!) and I asked volunters to help with salads and the extras. I have learned to pick women that actuallt's tough when you ask a mom to bring potato salad and she drops off a quart for 100 people! Anyho...My challenge falls with the 10 men that teach and bring their hollow leg to fill! Fourtnatly grilled burgers work well for the group and everyone never walks away hungry!

ALso (one more thought) it really depends on where you are....out East they can get seafood ALOT cheaper than I can inthe Midwest, but I can get fresh ground beef from a local farmer....
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