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Themes for Teacher Appreciation Luncheons

18 years 1 month ago #65701 by rjak1016
Do you have some kids that would like to tell jokes?
18 years 2 months ago #65700 by flybyrd
Replied by flybyrd on topic RE: Themes for Teacher Appreciation Luncheons
My PTO group is in the planning stage of our Teacher's Day. This is my last year at this school as President. I want to serve steak and
chicken. I have gotten grocery stores to donate at least 5 steaks per store. The teacher's want a comedian, but I can't get one with my budget. Do you have any suggestions?
18 years 2 months ago #65699 by rjak1016
Just chiming in too - we did the 50s theme for P/T conferences in the Fall. It was well received - the invitations prepared by a volunteer invited teachers to "dinner with the Cunningham's" - volunteers donated fried chicken, mashed potatoes, those marshmallow cakes that were popular, salads, and a host of other 50s foods that were found simply by doing internet searches for "50s homemade foods". We had Happy Days planning in the background and the volunteers dressed in 50s clothing and we found some very inexpensive record platters at IParty. We always have "to go" boxes and we ask if teachers prefer a delivery at a certain time to their classrooms in lieu of a lounge visit since they often get behind schedule during conferences. All the leftovers are put in the lounge refrigerator for snacking the next day. Make sure volunteers bring items in disposable containers whenever possible - makes clean up much easier. PTO members that coordinate the event bring crock pots and warming trays, coolers for drinks. We also deliver to each classroom a brown bag containing water, chips or granola bars, a pack of gum or mints - something to grab if needed that doesn't have to be hot.

Thanks for all the great theme ideas for teacher appreciation week. Last year we did a "we are the world theme" - mostly for branding about the week long event. All the materials we issued had the children of the world with hands joined and a picture of the world.

This year we are planning to offer a spiritwear item to each teacher (pay ourselves back for out PTO investment and promote school pride) - stickers to each student coming into school reminding them of the special week for teacher appreciation week. We are considering handing out a flower to each student to take to their teacher and providing each teacher with a vase in their classroom - made and signed by kids - nothing fancy. A group of kids made and laminated placemates during an after school stay and play that we will use at the breakfast and luncheon and we are now making candy airplanes "you are the wind beneath our wings" for each teachers mailbox one day. Next week we'll make apples with messages and hang them from the ceiling or make a mural for the lounge with words about learning. We do a random raffle with gcs to local restaurants, savings bonds, and retail stores - always a big hit. We have tried posters signed by the kids and letters to teachers with limited success (hard to control what gets written) and we have tried morning announcements from students (the older kids get razzed - teachers pet, etc.). Our two schools (one PTO) include 1100 kids prek-8.

The final idea is that since it is close to mother's day, we will have a mobile cart that goes classroom to classroom in the elementary school (PreK-4) and we will have students pick a flower from a flat, a scoop of dirt and a plastic container, sign a staked card, put it in a tall bag and take it home for mom, grandmom, etc. and at the same time each student will select a flower for their teacher and we will have larger, but shorter pots to give each teacher a potted plant in recognition of teacher appreciation week.

This is long - I'll stop now. I really enjoy the terrific ideas from everyone.
18 years 2 months ago #65698 by dubbledee
Replied by dubbledee on topic RE: Themes for Teacher Appreciation Luncheons
Check out message from mom2four posted on 2/24/06. Sounds like some good ideas for buffet foods and decorations. What level are you working with--elementary, middle school or HS?
18 years 2 months ago #65697 by Deanna York
Replied by Deanna York on topic RE: Themes for Teacher Appreciation Luncheons
With Teacher Appreciation Week ending on Cinco de Mayo, we've decided to use a mexican theme. Any and all suggestions / ideas are welcome.
18 years 2 months ago #65696 by dubbledee
Replied by dubbledee on topic RE: Themes for Teacher Appreciation Luncheons
I think the 50's theme is going to be somewhat difficult to pull off -- given that we really do not have access to a stove/oven to prepare hot items like fries. Grilling so many burgers and dogs might become somewhat overwhelming.

I want to pitch another theme for consideration: "It's a Small World". Basically, contacting volunteers and asking them to contribute something (foodwise)that reflects their heritage. I think we might get an assortment of ethnic foods ranging from appetizers to salads to main dishes and desserts, too. What do you think about that? Any suggestions for decorations? I was thinking some representative flags and colors. Know where one might get inexpensive items for this purpose?
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