Top 10 Jobs PTO Volunteers Don’t Want

Rex Bohn

Call me anything you want, as long as it’s not one of these titles.


1. Head Helium Balloon Inflation Specialist

2. Second Vice President in Charge of Paper Cups and Napkins

3. Deputy Used Tissue Collector at Boohoo Breakfasts

4. Senior Toilet-Unclogging Technician for Family Fun Nights

5. Chief Tactical Officer, Melting Prevention Operations for Ice-Cream Socials

6. Master Moistener of Bingo Blotters

7. Undersecretary to the Director of Hand-Sanitizing Affairs

8. Director of PTO Stuff Operations, Organization and Storage Division

9. Master Bagel Slicer for On-Campus Staff Appreciation Events

10. Treasurer Intern, Department of Manual Cash-Counting

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