5 Reality Shows Inspired by Parent Group Events

Rex Bohn

How would your parent group play out on the small screen?


1. Keeping Up With the Custodians
After they put the mops down, they hit the town!

2. Cupcake Wars
Bake sale committee members let loose as they toss around day-old goodies. The winner is the one wearing the least amount of frosting.

3. The PTO Apprentice
Volunteers take on a series of challenges to see who will be next year’s PTO president. No one gets fired, of course. You need help from all of them!

4. America’s Next Top PTO Model
Fashionable parents flaunt their school spiritwear, accessorized by items from the lost and found bin.

5. School Dance Moms
The big event is finally here, but can the DJ convince any of the boys to hit the floor? Tune in to find out.

Originally posted in 2013 and updated regularly.

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