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6 Smartphone Apps You Wish Existed

Rex Bohn

Imagine what your group could do with these additions to your smartphone.


1. Parent Tracker 2.0
Pings when you come within 10 feet of a new parent at your school. Double pings if they has bookkeeping experience.

2. SchoolSupplies360
A GPS that automatically lets you know which nearby stores have the lowest prices on items like antibacterial wipes, paper towels, wooden craft sticks, and glue.

3. Kitchen Psychic
Calculates how much food is needed to feed 450 families at your spaghetti dinner, rounded off to the nearest spoonful of jarred sauce.

4. Treasurer’s Best Friend
Automatically uploads your volunteers’ purchase receipts to your bookkeeping system.

5. Whosit?
A school directory based on voice recognition, for when you can’t remember the name of the new teacher’s aide or the parent you’re currently talking to.

6. Teacher IQ
Polls teachers and tracks their favorite snack foods, sports teams, TV shows, and who prefers fruit over chocolate (gasp!).

Originally posted in 2014 and updated regularly.

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