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Prepackaged School Supplies: An Easy Solution

Prepackaged School Supplies: An Easy Solution

Prepackaged supply kits offer a convenient way to simplify the back-to-school shopping process for families.


Navigating back-to-school shopping can be challenging, especially when the requested items are scarce. That’s where prepackaged school supply kits come in to make things easier. Many times, it’s the parent group that’s working side by side with a specialized company to provide these kits, whether as a fundraiser or simply as a helpful service.

How Supply Kits Work

The idea behind prepackaged supplies is simple: Offer one-stop shopping for school supplies as a convenience to families. Specialized school supply kit companies, such as EduKit, offer kits that are completely custom according to each school’s list requirements. The products included in the kits are durable, high quality, and performance-tested, and even include both name-brand and value products to fit every budget. Parents can opt in to purchase a kit for their child, and it’ll be delivered to their school before the first bell rings come fall!

How Are PTOs involved?

When teaming up with a supply kit company, think of the PTO or PTA as the friendly link connecting parents and the vendor! The parent group gathers the supply lists for each grade and sends them to the rep for a price quote. Next, they distribute the kit information to parents, who can then go online to place their order. Another great perk? Companies like EduKit provide comprehensive marketing and distribution tools to make it easy for parent groups to promote and run the program.

Getting Started

If your group is considering offering school supply kits, reach out to companies that serve your area to request sample materials and references, and find out whether vendors are willing to send replacements for damaged goods or misplaced kits. Also ask about inside delivery and shipping costs, which can add up quickly and increase the cost of the kits. You can connect with a supply kit company anytime during the year; however, spring is when most parent groups secure their programs for the following year.

To Fundraise or Not To Fundraise

A school supply kit program can also be turned into a back-to-school fundraiser! To make the program into a fundraiser, decide on a markup amount and allocate that portion of the proceeds to go directly back to the school. Clearly communicate to parents that their kit purchase directly contributes to supporting school initiatives, projects, or specific needs.

Whether they’re offered as a convenience or as a fundraiser, PTOs say that parents are relieved to have that piece of back-to-school shopping taken care of.

Insider Tips

Over the years, we’ve talked to many groups that have adopted kit programs for their schools and picked up some helpful advice along the way:

“Some supply companies will let you pick the percentage above cost that you want the PTO to get back. Five percent is good. You can even go up to 20 percent if your school demographic can accommodate it.” —Kathy Vinciguerra, New Albany (Ohio) Middle School PTO

“Have a few extra kits on hand to sell at back-to-school events.” —Lara Lewis, Greens Prairie Elementary PTO, College Station, Texas

“Some companies will also reopen stores in the middle of the year for when supplies run low. That’s really helpful.” —Kathy Vinciguerra

Originally posted in 2014 and updated regularly. Poornima Apte contributed to this article.

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