Tasks for New PTO Presidents
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Checklist of tasks for newly elected presidents to take care of before the end of the school year.

by Rose Hamilton


If you were just elected PTO president, congratulations! You may be excited and a little nervous at the same time—that’s normal; it’s a big job. But if you get organized now, chances are you’ll find that the job is manageable—and actually a lot of fun. Before school wraps up, try to take care of these seven tasks:

1. Reach out to outgoing officers and set up a time for them to transfer documents. Ask for a meeting so you can discuss general issues. (They may share some inside tips!)

2. Find out if there’s any immediate business you should know about. For example, are the contracts signed for fall fundraising?

3. Start connecting with parents, even if it is just a greeting in the pick-up line. Let parents know you are looking forward to working with them.

4. Meet with the principal with the idea that it is the start of a partnership. Keep it low-key and try to get a sense of how the principal sees the PTO’s role at school.

5. Connect with your new board and schedule a casual get-together for early summer. Don’t make it a business meeting—just plan getting to know each other.

6. Create a work space at home for your new job. Consider using a portable container to create an on-the-go PTO office so you can use it at the kitchen table or at school.

7. Take some time to look at the year ahead and jot down key tasks and key events on your calendar.

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Originally posted in 2015 and updated regularly

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