Ways To Engage More Dads

by Tim Sullivan



What's your “dad” plan for next year? You do have a dad plan, don't you?

If you're really looking to transform involvement at your school, start thinking now about ways you can engage fathers. Dads are likely your largest subset of less-involved parents, and they bring great energy and different talents and perspectives.

I really like this story called “A Place for Dads” that profiles three organizations that work in different ways to make it easier for dads to get involved in schools. Another great example, this one from our annual Parent Group of the Year search: Each year, the John Hanson Montessori School PTSA holds a Men Make a Difference Day to promote male involvement. At this year’s event, the attendees (around 100) were greeted by boy middle schoolers and treated to a catered breakfast. After the program, the men went to their students’ classes for story time and presentations. Good stuff!

Those are just some of the many ways dads can be part of your school community. Just remember: Dads are different. If you want success with fathers, you need to recruit and plan differently than you do with moms. We have tons more ideas on dad involvement.

From this dad to those in your group—good luck!

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