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  • The More Involved Dads, the Better

    With Father’s Day coming up on Sunday, it seems like a good time to talk about the value of getting as many dads as possible involved in your parent group. If you're really looking to transform involvement at your school, start thinking now about ways you can engage fathers. Dads are most likely your largest subset of less-involved parents, and they bring great energy and different talents and perspectives. “A Place for Dads” is a great story that profiles three organizations that work in different ways to make it easier for dads to get involved in schools. And we’re always finding more great examples, like this one from Amy Beverland Elementary in Indianapolis: Their PTO’s dads club is an active extension of the main group that hosts an in-house basketball league for 1st and 2nd graders, sponsors an orchestra, and much more. We love to hear about groups of dads that really dig in like that. Those are just some of the many ways fathers can get involved in their kids’ schools. Just remember: Dads are different. If you want success with fathers, you need to recruit and plan differently than you do with moms. We have tons more ideas on dad involvement. From this dad to those in your group—good luck, and Happy Father’s Day!
  • Dads Get Hooked by Fishing Derby

    A PTO looking to involve more fathers created events geared to their interests.
  • A Place for Dads

    These organizations provide special ways for fathers to get involved.
  • Parochial School: Committed Dads With a Vision

    Two fathers created a 100-plus group of men whose dedication and determination earned the group PTO Today's 2013 Outstanding Parent Group at a Private or Parochial School.
  • Dads Club Creates an End-of-Year Camping Tradition

    Happy campers in Paso Robles, Calif., gather for a night under the stars.
  • Doughnuts With Dad and More

    Muffins With Mom, Doughnuts With Dad: Tips for a successful family breakfast-theme event, no matter what time of day you hold it or who’s invited.
  • More Dads Involved at School

    School-based dads' clubs and parent group events geared toward dads may hold greater interest for fathers now than they did a decade ago, according to a 2009 survey by the National Center for Fathering and the National PTA.
  • Dads Are Different

    For more participation from dads, meet them on their level.
  • Major Project: Dads Create Resource Room

    The 2008 PTO Today Parent Group of the Year for Outstanding Job on a Completed Major Project simultaneously engaged dads while serving parents as a whole.
  • Dad Pulls Out All the Stops

    A committed crossing guard keeps students safe.
  • When It's Time To Change

    This time, Dad has to volunteer.
  • This Dad Is Having a Blast

    A background in design and illustration can make for one explosive family night.
  • Superintendent Starts Dads' Clubs

    Overcoming the skeptics, a superintendent created thriving involvement among dads at all of an urban district's schools.
  • Dad in Charge of the PTO

    Single father Rich Linden wants everyone who gets involved with the parent group to have fun.
  • Start a Dads' Club

    Fathers want to be involved, but they aren't necessarily going to respond to traditional parent group roles. A dads' club can give them a low-pressure way to take the first steps.
  • Get Dads Involved

    You can get dads connected and volunteering. It just takes a concerted effort and a different approach than you use for moms.
  • Filmmaker Dad Finds Role in PTO

    Even someone who doesn't see himself as a leader can make a difference by using his talents.
  • "Computer Nerd" Takes Charge

    He gave them a piece of his mind. They elected him president.
  • Dads Plant Trees

    A PTA group enhances its doughnuts with dad event by adding a school beautification project.
  • Great-Grandfather, PTO Leader

    When others would retire, this Navy veteran is just getting started.