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PTO Treasurer's Planning Checklist

PTO Treasurer Duties and Planning Checklist

A to do list of PTO and PTA treasurer duties and tasks for the whole year.



  • Reconcile the checkbook. Compare logged transactions against the monthly statement from the bank.

  • Create a treasurer’s report for members. This monthly wrap-up shows the starting balance, monthly income, monthly expenses, and ending balance, plus year-to-date performance to budget. Share it at meetings and post it on the parent group website.

  • Create a more detailed financial activity report for the executive board. This lists out all individual transactions for the month, including checks written, deposits made, and withdrawals from the account.

After You’re Elected

  • Talk with the outgoing treasurer to get training on the various systems in place.

  • Review the preliminary budget and ask questions about anything that is unclear.

  • Set a date for a formal transition of records.

  • Find out the policy for handling incoming school mail during the summer. Can you pick it up? If so, where and how often?

Check out Finance Manager—accounting software built just for PTO leaders

Over Summer Break

  • Update signature cards for the bank accounts.

  • Arrange for someone to monitor the accounts over the summer. If bank statements are mailed to the school, make sure the treasurer can pick them up or check transactions online.

  • Finalize the annual budget.

Start of School Year

  • Present the annual budget for approval.

  • Update and share financial transaction forms: reimbursement requests, check requests, deposits, and miscellaneous charges.

  • Prepare for the first fundraiser.

  • If your PTO is incorporated in your state, mark your calendar with the date when the annual renewal form is due.

  • If your PTO has 501(c)(3) status, mark your calendar with the date that your Form 990 information return is due. (For a fiscal year that ends anytime in June, your forms are due by Nov. 15; if it ends in July, the forms are due Dec. 15.)

Fall Semester

  • If your group ran a traditional sales fundraiser in September, keep an eye out for the invoice from the fundraising company. Review the invoice with the fundraising chairperson before you write the check.

  • Review performance to budget thus far. Did you exceed fundraising goals or fall short? Provide a summary to the executive board.

  • Work with event chairpeople if your PTO sponsors a holiday shop or other fall family event; provide cash boxes if needed and be available to deposit funds.

After Winter Holidays

  • Review the year-to-date performance to budget again. Is the PTO running a surplus or deficit? Present the results to the executive board and adjust the rest of the year’s budget based on any decisions made.

  • Work with event chairpeople if your PTO sponsors a movie night or other late winter family event; provide cash boxes if needed and be available to deposit funds.

Spring Semester

  • Secure someone to conduct this year’s annual financial review. Also known as an audit, it’s a detailed look at the group’s finances and an important long-term safeguard.

  • Think about who to recruit as next year’s treasurer if you’ll be stepping down. Look for someone organized and detail-oriented.

  • Work with event chairpeople if your PTO sponsors a carnival or other spring family event; provide cash boxes if needed and be available to deposit funds.

  • Project the ending balance in the PTO bank account.

  • Create a preliminary budget for review by outgoing officers.

End of School Year

  • Train your replacement and go over the preliminary budget that you started last month.

  • Organize your files; turn over everything, including the checkbook, to the new treasurer.

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