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A Week’s Worth of School Spiritwear Outfits

A Week of School Spiritwear Outfits

Dress to impress with our combos of custom T-shirts for parent group leaders and accessories to pull together the whole look.


When you’re a parent and a parent group volunteer, being stylish sometimes takes a back seat to about a million other things. Never fear! We’ve rounded up some inexpensive fashion inspo to help you take it up a notch while strutting your school pride at the same time.


SUNDAY: Weekends are for running...the PTO, that is

This look works for leaders of all types, whether you were born to run or the only type of marathon you’ll ever finish is a movie marathon. Find simple instructions for making a tutu in your school colors by searching “no-sew tutu.”


MONDAY: Kick off the week and conquer chaos in style

Start off the school week right with tools that will help you get down to PTO business! Send text messages and check emails on a smart watch, and choose a tote bag with plenty of room for parent group paperwork, permission slips, and anything else you need to make it through the day (ahem, afternoon snack).


TUESDAY: Take on a too-long to do list, you must

You might not be able to control the Force like a real-life Jedi Master, but you can still look like one while you work to maintain peace and justice in the universe, er, school. What’s more, there’s probably already a toy lightsaber somewhere in your house that would add the perfect touch to this stylish ensemble.


WEDNESDAY: Give your PTO superpowers a little midweek boost

You’re basically a PTO superhero (go, you!), and your outfit should show it, from the secret identity mask to the gold cuff bracelets. Carry along some coffee for extra oomph to get you through hump day.


THURSDAY: Dance it out while you’re working for the weekend

It’s almost Friday, so give yourself permission to rock out to your favorite playlist. Grab a jacket and oversize sunglasses to channel your inner professional musician. Take over the car stereo from the kids on the morning school run, and pack your earbuds for some music therapy later in the day.


FRIDAY: Look hip while you clip (at home on a Friday night)

Like laundry and dishes, clipping box tops is a never-ending chore for devoted parent group leaders. Make the process a little more enjoyable by getting into your comfiest indoor clothes (the ones not yet covered in snot or coffee stains), like these sweatpants and fuzzy slippers. A PTO mug and color-coordinated scrunchie complete the look while sending the message “we’re not going anywhere until this task is done!”


SATURDAY: When PTO is life, a Saturday night out with your squad is just a fancier version of your board meetings

Pull out your most dangly earrings and eye-catching shoes and dress up for a mom’s night out with your PTO besties. This look works for well for a dinner that someone else is cooking—or a hangout with pals that was supposed to be a book club but you have never read any books for. Who said parents have to be frumpy? #squadgoals

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Originally posted in 2019 and updated regularly.

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