When Parent Group Leaders #ptoprep for Events, They Don’t Mess Around

Whether it’s pulling an all-nighter or packing the car more full than it’s ever been, leaders have plenty of stories to tell about getting ready for PTO events.


Burning the Midnight Oil

“Who else has a husband that rolls their eyes whenever you ask for help, but no matter what, he always helps. I’ve had this planned for weeks, just got the supplies at 8 p.m. today....He has to be up for work at 3 a.m. and won’t be back home till after the event starts.” —Brittney H.


Sleep When You Can

“PTSO life! Early morning flower sales, TA, and general meeting today. My coprez is pooped!!” —Amber B.‎


An Army of Boxes

“When your husband is out of town but can still see the security alerts on his phone....” —Erin R.


Laundry, Schmaundry

“Color run day! Maybe then I can get caught back up on laundry!!!” —Kari R.


Branching Out

“Only PTO kids have to endure this kind of ride on a Sunday morning!” —Julie F.



What Do You Mean, You Took the Truck?!?

“This is what happens when your husband forgets to leave you the truck on fall festival day and you have to deliver hay to the party!” —Alicia D.


Minivans FTW

“My van was full of bagged popcorn from the movie theater to hand out to our entire school. Over a thousand bags!!” —Sara M.



Let’s Go Out to the Movies...

“Any guess what day tomorrow is??? There are three more bags [of popcorn] just like this!!” —Laurie O.‎



I Wasn’t Using That Living Room Anyway

“Mine was taken over by book fair inventory!” —Mary H.


Mom vs. Machine

“Cotton candy is brutal...500 down today and 215 more to go come morning...Calgon, take me away....” —Tara B.


Rain, Rain, Go Away

“Our PTO had to postpone our fundraiser picnic because of excessive rain in our area that caused some flooding. We visited the park that we are holding it at and this is what we found. Glad we have a rain date planned.” —Jennifer H.


Color Me Excited

“Today we tie-dye 801 shirts! Happy school days. Tomorrow is the group photo.” —Traci G.‎


It’s All Fun and Games

“When you get approval at Monday night’s meeting from members to spend funds on indoor recess, you go stock all classrooms in preparation of our bitter cold temperatures coming!!” —Tina S.

Originally posted in 2019 and updated regularly.

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