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These #ptokids Know How To Make the Most of Any Situation

When parenting and volunteering for the PTO have to happen at the same time, kids often find a way to be involved—and frequently, cute photos result.



While PTA president Rebecca S. organizes fundraising prizes (a PTA takeover of the dining room is happening off-camera), her daughter hunkers down for a nap.


New Friends

While the parents take care of PTO business, the kids do some bonding over Barbies. Never too young to learn how to network! 


Free Publicity

While mom Mindy W. had coffee with the PTO president, the kids patrolled the school with a “PTO” chant!

Precious Cargo

You just never know what you’ll find in the back of a PTO parent’s vehicle! These two kids are clearly good sports, a trait that’ll come in handy when they’re running their own PTOs. 😉


Assembly-Line Time

When you’re asked to make 300 goody bags in just three days, PTO volunteer Meredith B. knows to call in the troops! High-school-age PTO kids FTW!


Mommy's Best Helper

When mom and fundraising chair Jessi B. loses Internet service at home, it’s time to head to a coffee shop with her assistant and get the job done!


No Loafing!

It’s never too early to let them pitch in, and a giant box of foam cups is a great starter job—just ask PTO mom Laura C.!


Leaders in Training

With their name tags ready and energy to spare, Jamie D.’s son and daughter are ready to check out vendors and taste product samples at a PTO Today Live event.


Yearbook Assistant

Parent Kristen H. poses with her “right-hand man,” who can give anyone a reason to smile (and that’s why he’s brought in to help with yearbook photos!). His T-shirt reads, “I’m here because my mom won’t stop PTO-ing.”

Originally posted in 2019 and updated regularly.

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