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17 Honest PTO Spiritwear Shirts

Honest PTO Spiritwear Shirts

These parent group T-shirts sum up volunteer life in just a few (incredibly true) words.


Why repeat yourself all day long when you can say it with a shirt instead—and show some school spirit at the same time? Take a tip from moms and dads (and a few kids, too), who sport spiritwear with true insights into life as a PTO or PTA volunteer. You can shop our whole “honest PTO shirt” collection in the #PTOlife Spirit Shop!

You’re tired of explaining what parent groups do.

Believe it or not, there are people out there who don’t know much about school parent groups! When they ask you to explain what your PTO or PTA does for the school, show them your shirt.  



You’re proud of your parent group.

School PTOs and PTAs get a bad rap in pop culture, but you know that the over-the-top depictions in Bad Moms and countless TV shows aren’t true to life.


You have a lot of school spirit but not enough time.

Because it’s already hard enough to keep up with everything your parent group is doing, your kids’ activities, and life on the homefront.




You’re creative.

Why use the school logo when there’s a dabbing unicorn out there?


Volunteers are your favorite people.

Volunteer shirts give recognition to helpers and prompt other parents to ask “What do I have to do to get a shirt like that?” Choose the same design for both board members and volunteers to promote a sense of unity among school parents.


You wear a lot of hats.

It's funny because it's true! You’re a master at switching between the many roles you play.



Even your littles log volunteer hours.

If your younger kids start helping with the school parent group before they’re even old enough to go to school, maybe they need a shirt that proudly proclaims “I’m here because my mom won’t stop PTO-ing.”


PTO is your cardio.

When you’re on the go for the PTO, you need plenty of comfortable clothes to choose from.


Your friend squad and your PTO squad are one and the same.

At some point, your crew’s favorite activity changed from a night on the town to an afternoon setting up the school carnival. The thing is, you like it that way!


You’re a dad making a difference.

Here’s a shirt any school dad would be proud to be seen in; you might even need more than one.



Your kids want to be in a PTO someday.

It’ll be many years before your kids have their own children, but you know they’re probably already planning to run the PTO show.



This is your mom uniform.

Gone are the days of stylish outfits. These days, you grab a comfy T-shirt and your favorite accessory (a volunteer sticker, right?). If you’re lucky, you might get to add a superhero cape!


Your sense of humor always comes in handy.

These good-sport dads were outfitted with shirts that read “Property of PTO” on the front and “Voluntold” on the back.

Want to flaunt this look yourself? Get our straightforward “Voluntold” shirt:



Some days, you just want to send a message.

It can be hard to understand why every parent doesn’t want to be involved at school. This volunteer shirt tells passersby “No complaining unless you volunteer.” Message received!



The PTO is a huge part of your life.

Whether you planned it or it snuck up on you, somehow the school parent group has become a huge part of your everyday life. The friends you’ve made—and the positive impact you’ve had at school—mean the world to you.


This shirt sums up your life to a tee.

There’s only one word to describe your days coordinating kids, work, the PTO, and life in general: chaos. Somehow you manage to feed everyone (yourself included) and get the important things done with a smile on your face—most of the time, anyway!



Your group is a Force for good, but you don’t take it too seriously.

Sure, you’re helping improve the school and showing your kids how much you value education, but you’re not above channeling Yoda while you do it. Behind this, we can get.

Originally posted in 2019 and updated regularly.

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