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School Parent Group Insurance: What Is It and Why Does Your Group Need It?

School Parent Group Insurance: What Is It and Why Does Your Group Need It?

Sometimes bad things can happen to good groups. Find out why your parent group needs to be protected.


When you voluntarily (er...maybe reluctantly) sign up to join your school’s parent group, you might think you’ll be tasked with organizing a fundraiser, coordinating teacher appreciation gifts, or posting on your group’s Facebook page. Very rarely does it cross a potential volunteer’s mind that one of the activities they’re signing on to participate in could result in funds being stolen, property being damaged, or even a lawsuit being filed against them.

Before we get into what exactly parent group insurance is, it’s important to acknowledge that injuries, embezzlement, and lawsuits aren’t events that happen regularly in the school parent group community. But unfortunately, they do seem to be happening more frequently, and it’s the parent group leaders who are often held liable in the end.

In 2021, a former PTA president in Nashville, Tennessee, was indicted on fraud and theft charges totaling almost $6,000. Although the amount stolen was relatively small compared with other recent incidents (such as the $185,000 stolen from a PTA in New York City in 2021), it was enough of a setback that the group couldn’t recover, and they’re no longer an active PTA.

What Is Parent Group Insurance?

Like other event-based insurance policies, parent group insurance protects officers and volunteers in case something goes wrong at an event that’s sponsored by the parent group. It also protects against situations like theft and embezzlement within the group.

Why Does Your Group Need Insurance?

When volunteers assemble or join an already established group, they often assume that the group’s activities will be covered under their school district’s insurance policy. This is a common misconception among parent group leaders, and the truth is that only a very small percentage of school districts in the country protect their parent groups.

PTO Today has been committed to protecting parent groups through specialty insurance for more than 15 years. We know what types of coverage are vital for successful parent groups, and with that knowledge we’ve developed four easy-to-choose insurance packages that fit the needs of all kinds of groups, including PTAs, PTOs, and booster clubs.

We admire the dedication and commitment that goes into parent group work, and that makes it especially important to understand the risks that all parent groups face and to ensure that you have the proper protection in place. Parent group insurance doesn’t just act as a safety net in case something goes wrong; it also gives you peace of mind that is priceless.

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