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Real Talk: Why Jefferson Elementary PTO Chose To Insure Their Parent Group With PTO Today

Real Talk: Why Jefferson Elementary PTO Chose To Insure Their Parent Group With PTO Today

Jefferson Elementary PTO, located in Schenectady, New York, shares their reasons for selecting PTO Today Insurance to safeguard their organization.


Making sure your school’s PTO or PTA has the right insurance coverage is something that should take top priority when you volunteer for the board. However, figuring out what’s right for your group isn’t always black and white. Read on to see how Jefferson Elementary PTO president Julie Dion, along with vice president Heather Reid, went about making this important decision.

Where did you first hear about PTO Today Insurance?

Julie Dion: When we realized our group was not insured, we started looking around at different insurance carriers. We first heard about PTO Today Insurance through their print magazine.

Did you vet other insurance carriers?

JD: Yes, we researched other insurance carriers. Some of the other options we found were a small insurance company that is local and another national company that specializes in nonprofits.

What factors were most important in deciding which PTO Today Insurance package was right for your group?

JD: We were impressed by the extensive coverage provided by PTO Today. While it was comparable in coverage to other plans, we liked that their policies specialized in PTA/PTO insurance and it was a better price, too!

What factors helped your group decide to purchase an insurance policy through PTO Today?

JD: The website made it convenient to compare the various package options and understand what each one covered. PTO Today’s Leader Support team was extremely helpful when purchasing it, as well.

Did you purchase your policy through the PTO Today website or did you speak with a member of Leader Support?

JD: Both. We initially spoke with a member of Leader Support but purchased through the website. They were great with guiding us on how to do everything step by step.

What would you tell other leaders about your experience purchasing PTO Today Insurance?

JD: You may find insurance through other carriers, but when it comes to being protected, PTO Today delivers the best option. They provide the most comprehensive insurance to cover PTAs, PTOs, and any school group looking to be protected.

For more information on how your parent group can purchase an insurance package through PTO Today and to view our packages, go to

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