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Shop This Idea! Teacher Appreciation Coupon Book (Free Printable)

Shop This Idea! Teacher Appreciation Coupon Book (Free Printable)

Bring on the jeans passes and alllll the desk snacks.

by Kerri Beauchesne


While every teacher loves a good self-care or survival kit, the sound of a treat trolley rolling down the hallway, and a midyear supply buffet (those glue sticks come January...ouch), they also love the simple stuff, like personalized coupon books for special treats that they can redeem at anytime. (Seriously, how cute are these!?👇)



So that you have even more time to do the things you love (yay...more volunteering!), we created a ready-to-go book full of teacher coupons that feature the little things teachers love, like a day in jeans, complimentary desk snacks, the “gift of time” (aka 30 minutes of classroom coverage), a bouquet of pens, a custom coffee order, a classroom book donation, classroom cleanup, VIP parking and car wash, emergency chocolate, and a golden ticket. You can easily customize our coupon book with each teacher’s name and a few unique coupons (blank editable coupons included).




Coupons include:

  • Jeans pass
  • Complimentary desk snacks
  • “The gift of time”
  • Bouquet of pens
  • Caffeine break
  • Movie night (popcorn packet and a pair of cozy “teacher off duty” socks)
  • Classroom book donation
  • Classroom cleanup
  • VIP parking and car wash
  • Emergency chocolate bar
  • Special treat from the freezer
  • Golden ticket
  • Plus, blank customizable coupons so you can make your own!


Snacks and supplies you’ll need:



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