Middle School Archive

Parent involvement in middle school can be a challenge; we'll help you meet it. The articles below have tons of ideas and tips for connecting with middle school parents. Find more helpful tools and info on the Middle School Involvement resources page.

  • Hmong Parent Group Connects Cultures

    St. Paul, Minn., junior high school teacher Ann Hebble talks about the parent group she founded to serve the school's population of Hmong families.
  • Volunteer Focuses on Community Service

    Giving back is a great way to set a good example and gets the entire parent community involved.
  • Quiz: Rate Your Involvement IQ

    See how your group's attitudes and practices for building parent involvement measure up.
  • Recruit Volunteers by Phone

    "Can you make a few calls?" may be the single phrase volunteers least like to hear. A simple system can make the task less stressful and more successful.
  • Troubled Times, Proactive PTO

    With their school getting media exposure for all the wrong reasons, the leaders of PTO Today's 2005 Southern Region Parent Group of the Year stepped in to help administrators and students.
  • Communication for Middle School PTOs

    Middle school parent group leaders share the messages and communication strategies that have helped them build involvement.
  • National Winner: Middle School Magic

    Creating involvement at the middle school level can be tough, but Rosemont Ridge PTO has the magic touch. That made them PTO Today's 2004 Parent Group of the Year.
  • Time: The New Currency for Volunteers

    Time is a precious commodity for today's overcommitted families. To get them involved, show them you understand and offer a variety of ways they can participate.
  • Is Your PTO a Clique?

    You work hard to make your parent group welcoming, but to other parents it still might seem like a closed circle. Here's why—and what to do about it.
  • Middle School: A Role for Parents

    Involvement can be a harder sell in middle school, but there are still plenty of ways parents can participate.