Question: School board writing PTO’s bylaws?

Our school board is currently reorganizing and has decided the PTO should be reorganized, as well. The bylaws have needed attention for some time, but the principal has always put the project on the back burner. Now the school board is planning to rewrite the bylaws for the PTO. What do you think?

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Advice from PTO Today

Elly writes:

Elly is curious (naturally!) about what exactly your school board will be rewriting in your bylaws; she’s hoping there will be no surprises or drastic changes in your group’s operations as a result. Let’s assume they are being rewritten to tweak some language or outdated information. Nonetheless, one or two members of your board should be involved in the rewrite process. This should be a participatory process, especially since any bylaws changes must be approved by a vote of your members.

This could also be a good time for your officers to note any areas where they feel that changes to your bylaws are necessary, such as in your group’s cash handling procedures or officer term limits, etc. There’s a good chance that your current bylaws have specific procedures for making amendments or changes, so Elly recommends you review them first to make sure. It also couldn’t hurt to pass along information to your school board in advance of the revision process so they can gain a better understanding of your PTO’s involvement mission, events, programs, and activities.

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