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Hello. Our elementary school president has had to take time off due to illness. Our VP is stepping in as president until she can return (and hopefully she will be able). Are there any requirements in the by-laws for this transfer? Is a vote needed or a certain time limit that the president can be out? Lastly, who can the current VP ask to be the temporary VP as she steps into the President role? Thank you so much for your help!

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi martinson5,
We hope your PTA president recovers quickly! You can read through your bylaws to see if this issue is covered and if specific protocols are spelled out. Robert's Rules says it is normal for the VP to step up if the president's post is vacated and indicates a group's bylaws would outline an order of succession. But don't stress if it isn't all in the bylaws. It sounds like the VP is ready to assume key duties of the president. He or she can identify what key duties in the VP role need to be covered during this time and see if there is a member willing to take those on. As this seems to be a temporary situation an if there are no specific steps spelled out in the bylaws, you may be able to in a more casual make just make sure all the key jobs are done during this period by board members or other members willing to pitch in.

Good luck!
Rose C.

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Parttimeparli writes:
PTA allows for the VP to assume duties of the president when she is absent. If you are wanting the president to come back at some point then just have the VP start doing the work.
The only item that would need a vote would be to add the VP as a signer on the bank account if she/he isn't already. Check your bylaws to see if there are any other duties (serving on committees outside of your PTA, etc.) that she/he has. If there are duties belonging to the VP that she can't do because she's extremely busy now, she has the ability to split the duties up among the entire board or have one friend help out.
Your PTA can't elect a "temporary" president because there is no such thing.

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