Question: Changing bylaws

we planning to change our bylaws, my question is can just executive board vote on changes or does it have to be done at a open meeting during the school year were other parents are in attendence?? Also do the principle and teacher liassion have voting rights at monthly meetings??

Asked by steve



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
First of all, while you're amending your bylaws, consider adding a section on proper procedures to make amendments. If you don't have a clause like that now, then bylaws amendments need to be approved at a general meeting by a two-thirds vote. And you need to have a quorum present at the meeting. As far as voting rights, that also depends on your bylaws. What do they say about membership? If, for example, membership is limited to people with children attending the school, your teacher liaison and principal would not be allowed to vote. If you would like them to vote, you can add that to your bylaws. I'd say it's most common that the principal doesn't vote -- he simply acts as an advisor. As far as teacher liaison, that can go either way. If your teacher liaison takes an active role in the group, then it probably makes sense to let her vote. If she attends meetings and is more or less a disinterested observer, then you may not want her to vote.

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