Question: Too many volunteers

Our school is putting together a Classroom Cre group this year. It was going to have 5 parents per grade level to plan parties, teacher birthdays, and volunteers to come into the classroom and help, liason for PTO info.. Along with this we will help teachers stock their classrooms with some supplies as budget allows. The problem is that we had 44 people sign up and we don\'t want anyone to be left out. Do you have any suggestions on how to structure this group, PLEASE!!!!

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kenzie writes:
How about if you have more volunteers per grade level and break them out within the grade level according to their role. Maybe have one committee head for each grade and be central contact person for the teacher -- then have one parent coordinate classroom volunteers, one plan parties, one be the pto liaison, one deal w/stocking the classroom etc. Divide & conquer and don't turn away willing volunteers in the meantime.

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